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How to stop old (coloured hair) going yellow?

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StillMedusa Tue 02-Aug-16 15:32:09

I stopped colouring my hair last September. I'd had it cut short, hated it so decided I might as well go grey while I was feeling ugly grin

Nearly I year on I don't regret stopping colouring at all.. I love my white stripes in my fringe and scattered grey. But the the remains of my old colour (was mid brown) have now faded to a yellowy shade. I have tried a 'touch of silver' conditioner but it hasn't done anything.

Any non hair dye suggestion for keeping my white hair white and my coloured ends less yellow please? I'm getting it trimmed every 3 months as the grey grows in so it will be another year before it's all natural.

DerelictMyBalls Tue 02-Aug-16 15:38:44

I'm in the same boat, OP - am growing out some golden highlights and letting my grey hair grow through.

This conditioner is the absolute business:

It's expensive, though. If you want a budget option, try adding a blob of Crazy Colour to your usual conditioner and leave it in for 20 minutes or so. I use 'lavender' but 'lilac' would also do the trick.

I know you're not keen on using another colourant, but if you get a toner (I use Wella 'colour charm' in ash blonde) and mix it with a low-level developer, you can tone it to remove the brassiness without actually colouring or lightening. Only leave it on for 5 minutes max, though!

MadSprocker Tue 02-Aug-16 15:41:16

Slightly different, but I had my hair bleached peroxide blonde just over a month ago, but the ends I had previous brunette colour on are more yellowish in tone.

Each time I go in for colour my hairdresser is doing a bleach wash and then toning. She is doing this gradually so the hair doesn't break off.

If I use A Touch of Silver twice weekly purple brightening treatment on dry hair, it does tone it down a bit.

GingerLDN Wed 03-Aug-16 00:52:44

I can't recommend Fudge Violet shampoo and Conditioner enough. I have had so many compliments on my hair colour since I got it. Even my hairdresser couldn't believe the difference it had made.

goldielookingchain Fri 05-Aug-16 18:24:05

Second the fudge range!!

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