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Colouring hair - best options for PCOS sufferer

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vilamoura2003 Mon 01-Aug-16 11:34:10

Only 38 years old but feeling soooo old and haggard!

I am going soooooo grey :-( I have been dying my own hair now for a number of years with an off the shelf foam (it could be John Freida). My grey is now coming through in bucket loads and needs redoing badly. However, I am having problems health wise and currently undergoing hormone tests etc for my poly cystic ovaries (which I know I already have), or menopause as my hair is coming out :-( My once long thick locks are getting thinner and thinner and all around my forehead it looks like I have put my fingers in a plug socket and I now have wispy bits sticking up all over the place (*horrified*). My skin is dreadful and I feel about 80!

I need to dye my hair again but am worried that the dyes/chemicals are not going to help with my current hair falling out situation. Has anyone got any recommendations of the best way to cover my grey? Are hair salon dyes any less harsh than the off the shelf products?

spookyelectric Mon 01-Aug-16 21:35:13

You could have some highlights or lowlights put in to blend with the grey - they can be semi permamnent so not so harsh- you can also ask the hairdresser to avoid getting the dye on your scalp - much easier with highlights or baliage.

As it is multi tonal you don't get the white/grey root line like you do with a solid block colour.

I think Aveda salons use dyes with fewer harsh chemicals.

Cherry321 Mon 01-Aug-16 22:09:32

Not exactly what you asked OP, but just to say maybe get your thyrhoid checked too? I have pcos and underactive thyroid and when my hair went thin at the front, it was due to thyroid. Hope you get it sorted.

helloitsme Mon 01-Aug-16 23:34:06

I use Daniel Field. It's more natural, and I think it might not have any peroxide or something in it. I'm not really sure about the exact chemicals, but I can say for sure I find it much more gentle on my hair, I do it at home, and it works. Make sure to go to their own website as there are fake ones in some marketplaces.
Hope it works and your health gets better soon.

Moogdroog Tue 02-Aug-16 12:49:52

Henna? It's a bit of a faff, but my gooddness it leaves my hair in such lovely condition (I have PCOS too, but have a too much hair problem).
The ones from Lush are great and there's 4 shades. A massive henna thread on here for tips too.

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