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What sort of everyday bag do you have if you get back pain?

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Trickymoments Sun 31-Jul-16 18:52:25

I have arthritis & get back/neck pain.

I lug a tote bag around with me & use it for work & out & about with dc's. It gets all sorts of things thrown into it & ends up being pretty heavy which isn't helping the pain I'm sure.

I realise the answer is to carry less around but I do seem to need most of it.

Just wondered if anyone else has similar issues & could recommend a less back breaking bag solution?! Thanks

Destinysdaughter Sun 31-Jul-16 19:09:36

If I have to carry heavy stuff I would balance it out with a bag you carry in your hand on the other side.

Ruddle91 Sun 31-Jul-16 19:13:15

I wear a rucksack to evenly distribute the small amount of things I do have to carry. Not pretty but I can't manage a handbag or across body one strap due to low back/pelvic issues from arthritis.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 31-Jul-16 19:16:31

I've found the most important thing for me is to have a shoulder strap that can't slip off my shoulder - if they slip I start to hunch my shoulder to hold it on

I didn't realise I was doing it until I got a bag with a rough zip under the strap where the teeth held it on my shoulder. It's a maxi zip satchel (anya hindmarch)

PigeonPie Sun 31-Jul-16 19:22:55

I use healthy back bags - They come in all sorts of sizes - I have the small ones which fit enough in that I can still carry it.

Cakescakescakes Sun 31-Jul-16 19:25:23

A very small cross body that just holds my purse and keys and the a rucks with stuff for the DC if I have them with me.

DelphiniumBlue Sun 31-Jul-16 20:03:50

I use a backpack - a day out with even a small cross body bag will give me aches and pains for days afterwards.
It is very sad, as I love a nice bag, and I feel very hard done by!
I'm always on the lookout for nice but light backpacks - heavy leather ones are no good. TK Maxx sometimes has some pretty ones, I'm currently on the look out for a small one( big enough for bottle of water and book, but no bigger iyswim) .

becciandbump Sun 31-Jul-16 20:49:57

I have worked with people with back pain and the advice is to use a back pack so you are carrying the weight evenly. Obviously make sure you only carry what u really need x

ChoudeBruxelles Sun 31-Jul-16 20:52:40

I have a messenger bag or something with a long strap that I can wear across my body for everyday use. Anything heavy goes in a rucksack

LockedOutOfMN Sun 31-Jul-16 20:57:55

I don't suffer from back pain and try to take care of my back which is why I clicked on this thread. I notice no one has mentioned using a wheely suitcase (e.g. the type used by peripatetic auditors). Is a backpack better than wheeling the load? Genuine question.

Chewbecca Sun 31-Jul-16 21:01:12

Don't carry one at all for this very reason. I use a 'phone purse' like this instead & carry keys in my pocket.

Chewbecca Sun 31-Jul-16 21:02:10

Do you really need most of it? What?!

BigginsforPope Sun 31-Jul-16 21:03:09

Can anyone reccommend a back pack that dooesn't ruck up the top you're wearing? I always seem to be flashing my flesh...

Trickymoments Sun 31-Jul-16 21:22:20

Pigeonpie I really like the look of the healthybackbags although there are so many to choose from! When you say you have the small one do you mean the small backpack type one or the really small almost purse size one?

I currently have the tote bag which I use daily and it does get heavy. If I'm going out with the children I have a rucksack but it's not a proper rucksack it's a nice looking material one from Accessorise so probably no better for me than a normal bag.

For day to day & work some of the things I cart around are large purse, notebook, phone, iPad mini (only take this to work nowhere else), make up bag (never remember to touch make up so pretty pointless really), tissues/small pack of wipes, any paperwork I need to deal with on lunch break (usually A4 size folded in half), random bits relating to dc's (cuddly, toy, small book etc), bottle of water.

In the dc's rucksack I will put drinks bottles (find these bloody heavy), snacks, hoodies, waterproofs, snacks, wipes, spare pants for dd, colouring book (why?.?.). To be honest we don't go out that often in the week to places that require all this and if we go at weekend DH will carry it.
But when I do have to carry it I find it heavy and bulky and it's clearly not helping matters.

Does anyone else have a bag from the healthybackbagcompany? I need to do the right thing to help myself and they look great for going out with the kids but not sure about turning up to work with it..

drspouse Sun 31-Jul-16 21:29:13

I have a minor lower back problem but big problems with my shoulders. Have broken them both in the past and they are easily irritated by anything on them. I'm struggling with my cross body handbag at the moment.
For work I have a Cath Kidston backpack (quite often carry paperwork or my laptop) but I could do with something for around town with the buggy. I don't really need a nappy bag any more (we are PT but even if we need nappies they fit under the buggy in a mat). I have a Baby Mule backpack too which we use for swimming.
Would the Healthy Back bag work for shoulders? I have a feeling I'm really looking for a backpack that looks like a nice handbag (i.e. both shoulders) but I doubt such a thing exists.

ObiWanCannoli Sun 31-Jul-16 21:29:46

Get your dc a bag each we got some cheap ones forms decathlon and they fit a coat, a water bottle and a couple of other little things.

I have a fitted women's rucksack which has a water bladder and room for some other small things.

It's a good compromise.

PigeonPie Sun 31-Jul-16 21:46:31

Tricky - I use them all the time. I have a baglet (the really small ones) for my keys and phone for the school run when I don't need my proper bag and then a small 'standard' bag for normal use. I did have a lovely one which had a suede look which was beautiful but it died in the end (I've just seen they've got them back) I may be shopping later!

I've currently got a red textured nylon one (which looks much better than it sounds!) and have red leather gloves to match for the winter.

I think they look great.

Lizsmum Sun 31-Jul-16 22:59:07

Another Healthy Back Bag user here. The size I buy is called small but I can fit into that my purse, phone, keys, kindle, tissues, wet wipes, water bottle, small umbrella ..... If you get onto their mailing list they'll send you all the special offers.

Pencilplant Sun 31-Jul-16 23:44:01

I have a bad back and the bag I carry makes a huge difference. I always wear a crossover bag and I try to limit the size and what I put in it. I love handbags and have loads that I use but they all need to be smallish.

Pencilplant Sun 31-Jul-16 23:47:11

Oh and for my laptop and work stuff I have a small pull along case. It's small, black and plain. If I hurt my back I'm in pain for weeks so it's worth using the case.

puglife15 Mon 01-Aug-16 04:40:24


A very small cross body that just holds my purse and keys and the a rucks with stuff for the DC if I have them with me.


Trickymoments Mon 01-Aug-16 09:08:50

Thanks for all the suggestions.
I am going to look at the healthybackbags in a local shop today.

Out of interest have any fellow back pain sufferers got any tips for things that have helped improve it?

Trickymoments Mon 01-Aug-16 16:19:44

I've just been to local shop to look at the healthybackbag. I tried wearing It on my shoulder but I can't really see how that is any different to wearing a normal bag on your shoulder? I like the cross body idea and there were lots of useful pockets. I'm not sure I could take it to work, unless I bought the black leather one which looks very smart.

I would be prepared to spend the quite large amount of money for it as long I could see how it would be better for me than wearing a normal bag on my shoulder- I'm not really getting that the moment.

Has anyone got the leather version, they see to be less available in this country?

PigeonPie Mon 01-Aug-16 16:25:31

I think it just balances everything better and because of all the pockets it means you can find things without too much burrowing. I've certainly found it helped with my back, but also made me keep it tidy and not put too much in.

I usually sling it on my shoulder for short journeys or across me for longer ones when I need to use my stick as well.

Trickymoments Mon 01-Aug-16 16:39:03

Thanks Pigeon, so you haven't found it to aggravate the back pain when wearing it either way? I think it will be great for out with the children. Perhaps I could get another more handbag like rucksack for work..

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