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Powder after foundation

(5 Posts)
HonkHonkNose Sun 31-Jul-16 13:30:32

I'm really new to using make up and think I need to use a powder after my liquid foundation to 'set' it.

Can anyone recommend any please? Cheap as chips ones! Thanks

Abominablebride Sun 31-Jul-16 13:43:39

I'm a fan of this one buffed on with a powder brush


HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 31-Jul-16 13:54:06

That's the one I use too.

Fairylea Sun 31-Jul-16 13:57:42

I like the Rimmel pressed powder one, I use translucent and have done for years and years (even when I used to work at Clinique!)

HonkHonkNose Sun 31-Jul-16 18:41:47

Thanks very much, I'll check these out.

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