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Too old for a Brazilian Wax?

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peachcake Sat 30-Jul-16 22:55:51

Am I too old for a Brazilian wax?
I have just started shaving my fanjo completely as my husband has hinted it turns him on and the odd white hairs are getting more frequent which to me feels like the final insult where aging is concerned!
That said shaving is a nightmare!!! I struggle to see what I'm doing and this results in an hour long shower and stubble 24 hours later!
Am I doing this all wrong? Do you other shaved ladies have more success using other methods?
I don't know which is worse the downright inconvenience of shaving or the downright embarrassment of asking some gorgeous youngster at my local beauty salon to wax my old fanjo?? blushblushblush
Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

phoolani Sun 31-Jul-16 14:59:25

God, if you're prepared to go through the faff and discomfort of shaving yer bits, getting a wax will be a walk in the park! You're only asking them to do something they do all the time, not critique it. Get it done!

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