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Do I need a BB or CC cream? Recommendations please?

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Archedbrowse Sat 30-Jul-16 21:09:48

Hi, I'm looking for either BB & CC cream to wear day to day, and would be grateful for recommendations. It's to wear on days when I'm not wearing foundation (ie non-working days when I'm just going to playgroup and doing errands). I just want to be able to put it in like moisturiser, the point being its for days when I won't be 'putting my make up on'.
I've got ok-ish skin, not great, not terrible, some large pores around nose and greasy forehead. I'm not that sure of the difference between a BB & a CC cream.

Have a budget of £15, finances still revovering from being on SMP.

HeyMacWey Sat 30-Jul-16 21:11:30

Bourjois have a v good cc cream.
Its light coverage but good at evening out skin tone.

icapturethecastle Sat 30-Jul-16 21:17:06

I use the the maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream it is ok and only about £8. But I am always looking for good recommendations as well.

readyforno2 Sat 30-Jul-16 21:28:27

La Roche bb cream. It's factor 50 so no worries about getting burnt.

Archedbrowse Sat 30-Jul-16 21:51:51

Thanks smile I'll look at all of them.

I have used the rimmell BB cream in the past but just seemed to be a tinted moisturiser, couldn't see anything different about it?!

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