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Help me find this bag!

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HexBramble Sat 30-Jul-16 00:24:22

I visited the Royal Welsh show in Builth Wells (Mid Wales)last week and bought a bag as a gift for someone, I've given the gift (recipient delighted) but I'm desperate to order one for me. Bag was unlabelled - handmade, craft type stall, and I cannot for the life
Of me
Remember who the vendor was. Can someone recognise this or find a way for me to search for who makes it?! I know it's a long shot but it was only £45 and fantastic quality.

squoosh Sat 30-Jul-16 00:56:43

Might it have come from these people?

squoosh Sat 30-Jul-16 00:59:57

Here's a list of all the trade stands. See if any of the names ring a bell

HexBramble Sat 30-Jul-16 01:21:34

Thanks Squoosh - don't think it's was the first link - he was Moroccan or Israeli I think and he just had all leather bags.

I'll trawl through second link - that's a huge help actually!

Euphemia Sat 30-Jul-16 05:18:31

Do tell us if you find it!

HexBramble Sat 30-Jul-16 07:44:06

I will. I only have 2 other handbags that I love so would love this. It was soft and beautifully lined, has an internal pocket and it was zipped. Available in tan, too and I'm toying with the idea of having a tan one....

BikeRunSki Sat 30-Jul-16 07:47:47

Lovely bag!

HexBramble Sat 30-Jul-16 10:12:43

Thanks! It will just get better and better with age too!

I'm gutted I did t get it at the time.

dottyaboutstripes Tue 02-Aug-16 10:21:37

Don't suppose you worked out where it was from? It's lush, just what I need want!

cheeseandmarmite15 Tue 02-Aug-16 14:10:22

Itscurtainsforyou Tue 02-Aug-16 21:28:30

I would also love to find this bag! Please update OP !

HexBramble Wed 03-Aug-16 07:21:36

Stil no luck. I'm trawling through the business lists for that day and have phoned a few that sound likely but no,luck. Gutted. I'll keep going though and will PM or update this thread if I find it.

cheeseandmarmite15 Wed 03-Aug-16 09:54:27

Using my link above, you can contact the bloke that organised it and if you can recall the area the steak was in that will help narrow it down. Also a description of the smallholder if he is foreign may help pinpoint the seller.

BestIsWest Wed 03-Aug-16 10:07:08

Please update if you do. I'm going to the Pembrokeshire in a few weeks so will keep an eye out there just in case.

HexBramble Wed 03-Aug-16 17:44:39

Cheese I have. He's helping as well bless him and I'm slowly working my way through the list slowly.

HexBramble Wed 03-Aug-16 17:45:50

Best I'll update.
Which part of Pembs? Love it there.

BestIsWest Wed 03-Aug-16 20:26:05

I missed the word 'show' out of that post grin. I'm going to the Pembrokeshire SHOW in a few weeks. They often have lots of the Royal Welsh stalls though it's smaller of course.

It's in Haverfordwest.

HexBramble Thu 04-Aug-16 00:03:59

Oooohhhh Best ym that could be promising....

Please take pic of the bag and...

Hunt. It. Down.

Leave one for me though and Grab me their number if you see them. If nice bloke from show organisers get back to me with success, I'll update!

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