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House of fraser

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momofgirls Fri 29-Jul-16 22:56:53

Anyone else had issues with deliveries from House of Fraser.
I have been a customer for at least five years.
On Wednesday I ordered a Hobbs dress & some photo frames for delivery Thursday evening £8:00 cost.
Yesterday recieved message from H of F that parcel will be delivered 1800 -2200. At 1805 this was cancelled by parcel courier at 1805.
Rang H of F 22:00 said nothing they could do as courier closed and will be updated by today.
Today 29/07/16 message from H of F that parcel will be delivered this evening 18:00 -22:00hr.
Still not recieved the parcel and courier as delivery date for 01/ 08/16.
I am not pleased as I have paid £8:00 to H of F for this delivery specifically for the 27/07/16 evening and they have not fulfilled this.
Todayy had to make alternative arrangements in case the parcel arrived this evening which it hasn't .

Any advice on how to progress

momofgirls Fri 29-Jul-16 22:58:17

House of Fraser using UK mail has delivery provider

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