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Ted & Muffy boots - foot width

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Itscurtainsforyou Fri 29-Jul-16 17:40:00

Just ordered some boots in their sale. Fab boots, fit everywhere, but quite cramped in the foot (width). Are they likely to expand width-ways or should I bite the bullet and return them?

rubybleu Fri 29-Jul-16 17:54:14

Nope. The pair I bought last year haven't budged an inch.

Itscurtainsforyou Fri 29-Jul-16 19:08:08

Bugger sad
I'm going to wear them around the house over the wkd in a desperate attempt to stretch them (whilst not crippling me)

PNGirl Sat 30-Jul-16 08:07:36

Try leather stretch spray? They're likely to be leather-lined so should work with thick socks.

Botanicbaby Sat 30-Jul-16 09:17:18

Return them! Not really a 'sale bargain' at all if you find you can't wear them due to being uncomfortable.

Sorry I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear.

Itscurtainsforyou Sat 30-Jul-16 10:07:14

You're probably right botanic, I'm just giving it the weekend in vain hope sad

lastnightiwenttomanderley Sat 30-Jul-16 10:13:32

What does the fit guide say about that style?
I find that the fact they are honest about fit and use very good quality leather means they tend to stay as is without much give. I have narrow feet so have to go for the slim fit ones. It's great that they have so much variety but annoying when the style you like doesn't match your foot shape!

Itscurtainsforyou Sat 30-Jul-16 12:18:57

The fit guide said it was D width (no E fit offered) so thought I'd be ok.

My impression is that while they're good at calf fitting it's a bit more hit and miss re foot fitting (also say a 42 is a size 9, when I usually find 42 is an 8....)

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