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What's your favourite perfume?

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SpiderAndMouse Thu 28-Jul-16 15:52:23

I need a new signature scent.

Used to love love love Coco Mademoiselle, but I haven't been able to wear it since I was pregnant sad.

Inspire me please!

DonkeyOaty Thu 28-Jul-16 15:56:27

Aqua Allegorica Pamplelune is amazing. Citrus burst then dries down to a sort of smoky vanilla leather.

Scoose Thu 28-Jul-16 16:08:59

My favourite is Tom ford black orchid closely followed by Chanel allure

midnightmoomoo Thu 28-Jul-16 18:03:00

I like a few,
Chanel Allure
Clarins Eau Dynamisante
Liz Earle no.20 (have just ordered the new one too)
D&G Light Blue
Chloe Narcisse

AvonCallingBarksdale Thu 28-Jul-16 18:14:38

CKOne for daytime, Issey Miyake for evenings.

PartiallyStars Thu 28-Jul-16 18:15:26

Avon, me too! Am wearing CKOne now

APandaAndKoalaWalkedIntoABar Thu 28-Jul-16 18:19:26

Dahlia Noir.

Alien smells like raw meat ever since having my last baby!

ILoveFudge Thu 28-Jul-16 18:19:59

Loverdose by diesel

Savagebeauty Thu 28-Jul-16 18:20:47

Molecule 101

BristolLFR Thu 28-Jul-16 18:21:42

Chanel allure sensuelle

tarheelbaby Thu 28-Jul-16 18:23:06

I tried to wear pamplelune but it wasn't for me - the dry down always smelled like cat pee/sweat. I have seen that comment on perfume sites too - not everyone can wear it.
YSL Rive Gauche (a long-time go-to; my mother wore it)
Badgley Mishka
Sung - slightly aniseed
those are all floral/rose scents
Halston - spicy, a bit masculine, only in winter for me
L'Occitane thé vert + bigarade - citrusy
Sunflowers - also citrusy

yoink Thu 28-Jul-16 18:24:54

cedre atlas by atelier cologne - it smells of the goo on my newborn's head! shock
chasse aux papillons by l'artisan parfumeur
marc jacobs daisy
ckone and ckone summer

beadyboo Thu 28-Jul-16 18:26:33

Jo Malone earl grey and cucumber. Sounds weird, but I love it!

memyselfandaye Thu 28-Jul-16 18:33:10

Chanel Allure or Estee Lauder Sensuos Nude, both quite similar, and if you want a lighter version of Allure the hair mist is half the price.

RainIsAGoodThing Thu 28-Jul-16 18:37:02

Valentino Donna. Bought it just after Christmas and I think I've found my forever scent.

boldlygoingsomewhere Thu 28-Jul-16 18:41:30

I love Guerlain's Mitsuoko and Shalimar. Both more on the spicey side. I wear more perfume Autumn/Winter - haven't found one I like yet for warmer months.

wobblywonderwoman Thu 28-Jul-16 18:42:55

I used to love Jean Paul Gautier original but bored of it now

Need to find an alternative

NickyEds Thu 28-Jul-16 18:43:44

Very Irresistible by Givenchy

Nanasueathome Thu 28-Jul-16 18:44:16

Jo Malone Orange Blossom
Jo Loves Gardenia

onthemetro Thu 28-Jul-16 18:47:49

Flowerbomb by Viktor + Rolf. But it's expensive and I can't really afford it at the minute so I'm using (don't laugh) Killer Queen by Katy Perry. It's really similar and though Flowerbomb lasts longer, I don't mind for the price

Puppymouse Thu 28-Jul-16 18:47:57

Another vote for Chanel Allure. Have worn it for years. Can't imagine wearing anything else.

Katy92 Thu 28-Jul-16 18:50:21

Flash by Jimmy Choo!

Madbengalmum Thu 28-Jul-16 18:52:51

Creed Virgin Island water for summer
Byredo Gypsy Water for summer
Creed princess oud for winter

AvonCallingBarksdale Thu 28-Jul-16 18:55:31

PartiallyStars - impeccable taste!

Oblomov16 Thu 28-Jul-16 19:09:54

Watching with interest.

Paco rabanne Olympea
Paco rabanne million lady

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