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'This Works' pillow spray

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BeJayKayven Thu 28-Jul-16 09:30:35

I love this spray - and it works - but it's £16 😦
Anybody recommend something similar but less spendy?

Moogdroog Thu 28-Jul-16 09:59:18

I would call it 'This Smells Nice, but Not Sure it Works' Pillow Spray... Nice placebo if nothing else though.
When mine runs out I'd be tempted to mix up some lavender oil and whatever else is in it, and put it with some water in a spray.

Only1scoop Thu 28-Jul-16 10:01:54

I've got hundreds of these in miniature size in boxes with the little roll on pulse points thing aswell....Used to be laid out on pillow every night at turn back, in a hotel I stayed in lots with work.

I think any lavender type spray would do the job it is lovely though.

Monkey44 Thu 28-Jul-16 10:08:16

I really like this works too. However, The Cotswold Lavender slumber spray on Amazon at around £7 is a good alternative.

Nabootique Thu 28-Jul-16 10:09:46

I've not used that one, although I have a friend who loves it. There is a pillow spray in Boots by Champneys that is a cheaper alternative. I have that one and also the pulse point balm from the same range.

goodtimesroll Thu 28-Jul-16 10:30:07

I love the This Works one too, trying to save some of it as it's so expensive so also use this Boots one which seems to work too! Bargain :-)

BeJayKayven Thu 28-Jul-16 15:27:03

Thanks, I'll go have a sniff around. I did wonder if it was just in my mind but when I use it I sleep really well 🙂

proseccowithastraw Thu 28-Jul-16 16:07:46

Wow, the reviews are good!

Problem is, I associate lavender with old lady confused I presume it makes you smell like lavender... Also, if it's a mix of oils, doesn't it make your hair greasy?

midnightmoomoo Thu 28-Jul-16 18:00:19

Avon do one, my SIL loves it. Not sure exactly what it's called though.

BestIsWest Thu 28-Jul-16 19:04:26

I bought it for DM and she says she goes out like a light. Would be interested in a cheaper alternative for her though.

BeJayKayven Thu 28-Jul-16 19:33:34

The lavender isn't the dominant scent (not to my nose anyway), it's in the background. The spray is so fine it just disappears so no greasy hair or marks on the pillows etc.

BearPear Fri 29-Jul-16 12:33:19

This was on QVC a couple of days ago. M&S do a lovely pillow spray that I prefer to the This Works.

i use this couple of drops on my beding no greasy marks, smells fresh and clean not old lady lavender, even DS2 (200 loves it. I dilute it in a spray bottle as aroom spray, the bottle lasts for ages.

CinderellaFant Fri 29-Jul-16 17:24:14

Avon sleep pillow mist is fab

Elizabethtailored Fri 29-Jul-16 20:20:15

It smells incredible. I have the candle too. Not sure it makes me sleep but feels like a lovely ritual putting it on sometimes. My baby was given a baby version of it too!!

cardoon Sat 30-Jul-16 04:22:52

Do you just mix it with water to make the room spray StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes?

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 30-Jul-16 05:49:51

I love it , for the smell and the ritual if nothing else.
I used to use elemis oil in an electric burner before that . A bottle is £ but will last a lot longer than the spray.
Synthetic lavender is vile.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 30-Jul-16 05:50:45

Ooh going to try that one StepAway

Heyheyheygoodbye Sat 30-Jul-16 06:24:17

I had the L'Occitane one and when it ran out I bought some distilled water and essential oils and made my own grin costs pennies and smells exactly the same!

ICanSeeForMiles Sat 30-Jul-16 06:35:22

Anyone recommend one that isn't lavender? That's what put me off the idea of a pillow spray, I can't abide lavender.

Ntinyn Sat 30-Jul-16 06:41:20

Another vote for the Avon one, I buy on Amazon subscribe and save

allegretto Sat 30-Jul-16 07:32:48

It works? What does it do??

BestIsWest Sat 30-Jul-16 08:16:29

Helps you sleep.

MargeryFenworthy Sat 30-Jul-16 08:31:47

Gives me crazy dreams. I prefer Neom Destress Room Spray.

Do you just mix it with water to make the room spray StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes? yes a few drops in an old spray bottle and away I go.

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