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Where can I find these Birkenstocks?

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JeopardyMouse Wed 27-Jul-16 23:30:11

I've seen people out and about wearing different-looking Birkenstocks where the leather top tucks away into the insole - and isn't stuck down the sides IYSWIM. I've been searching everywhere online - can't even find a picture to explain what I mean. Can anyone help?!

SaggyNaggy Wed 27-Jul-16 23:34:28

Are they the Bilbao ones?

SwedishEdith Wed 27-Jul-16 23:35:04

Like this?

You need to search for Relax.

JeopardyMouse Wed 27-Jul-16 23:42:02

Yes! Thankyou Swedish they're them. smile

GinBunny Wed 27-Jul-16 23:46:58

Glad you found them, you must get them - I live in mine in the summer.

JeopardyMouse Wed 27-Jul-16 23:49:01

Yes - I have an ancient pair that after 15 years are just starting to wear on the soles. The relax ones seem to be out of stock everywhere though...

Onedaftmonkey Wed 27-Jul-16 23:52:55

Trago mills Newton abbot £19.99. Love mine .

wump Wed 27-Jul-16 23:59:41

Onedaftmonkey did get some there recently? I got a pair last year but no luck so far this year.

Linnet Thu 28-Jul-16 00:05:48

I have 2 pairs like that, I got them in TK Maxx so you might want to check there. They were around £20 I've had them for years.

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