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Cosmetic surgery regrets

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NotQuiteDonatella Wed 27-Jul-16 20:42:47

Anyone in the same boat? I had a nose job almost a year ago and I have regretted it from day one. I had a ugly nose. I now feel that I have a nose that's ugly in a different way.....and it's not mine. And I'm out of pocket.
I ignored any negative stories and my surgeon is well-thought of. But of course now that I'm unhappy with the result (nose is very obviously crooked at the tip and there's a very big, noticeable bump on the bridge) he's totally playing the "you can't expect perfection" card and trying to suggest that I must have issues as the nose is an improvement.
I feel so scared at the thought of a "revision".
He didn't do digital imaging so apart from not being pleased with the results, I don't really think he listened to me to begin with anyway. We talked and talked and talked and I asked lots of questions and showed him lots of pictures. But I now don't think we were ever on the same page.
I feel like the whole character of my face has changed and I now just have new hang-ups.

Sweetandsour93 Wed 27-Jul-16 22:43:46

I'm not quite in the same situation but I am considering a nose job. I've always hated my nose but I'm also terrified that surgery wouldn't go right. Your surgeon should be supportive and helpful if you aren't happy with the result. Would he be able to tell you exactly what a revision would involve? I think it's difficult to move past facial hang ups because we see ourselves constantly. I get obsessive about the appearance of my nose and I lack confidence when speaking to people because I'm always aware of how it looks.
As you don't feel your surgeon understands what you want, might it be worth going to a different surgeon for a consultation to see what they say? Another opinion might help and you might feel better about trusting someone else if you decide to have another surgery.

NotQuiteDonatella Fri 29-Jul-16 21:41:51

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I think I'll nene visit another surgeon just to see what they think. Mine didn't do digital imaging. He had very convincing reasons why (he said that the most important thing was the functionality of the nose and he couldn't tell what impact that would have on the look until he got inside there). Sounds legitimate but, I still would advise you to go to a place that offers this. No doubt, the functionality is the most important thing. But a goal/vision/ideal is good to have in picture form, one where you can say "provided this nose functions well, this is what we are aiming for". I now think my surgeon didn't offer it because he didn't want to be held accountable, he couldn't be bothered (very busy clinic) and I also think there was a degree of arrogance there - looking back there was an air of "I'll do what I think looks best".
Honestly? I asked to see pictures and I didn't think they all looked great. I actually prefer an angular, fine (some might say pointy!) nose. The pictures I saw were all very curvy and thick-tipped for my taste but....I didn't know what these people had asked for. Maybe they were happy. There are many versions of the ideal nose : it is a matter of taste.
Digital imaging will also help you envisage your new face.
My other issue pre-surgery was not knowing for sure how "bad" my nose was. How can you get an objective opinion on this?
I can't recommend rhinoplasty to you but I know there are other success stories and amazing before and after pics that are very seductive! It was a big psychological ordeal for me, a lot of money and something I only intended doing once. Pm me if you like by the way.

specialsubject Sat 30-Jul-16 10:29:38

Have you asked anyone else? Most before and after pics show no difference except makeup and a smile.

Don't be offended, but can anyone else see what you see?

Surferjet Sat 30-Jul-16 10:37:02

Sorry you're unhappy with the result op, apparently, quite a lot of surgeons work is on clients unhappy with previous surgery. I know that's little or no comfort to you, but you're not alone in feeling disappointed.
Do you think your nose looks even a tiny bit better than before?

NotQuiteDonatella Mon 01-Aug-16 22:41:17

Thanks for those replies. Mmmm no, the only person I've asked is my partner and he sees the problems but says it looks fine. But then he thought it looked fine before. He is really not much help! I am reluctant to ask anyone else tbh.
Wrt if it looks even a tiny bit better. Yes, possibly from one side. Better in some ways but worse in others. Like I say, I have a visible bump on the bridge that I never had before or perhaps it was invisible and in keeping with my natural nose, and now it's not.
Thanks again.
Anyone else had poor results? Not just nose jobs.

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