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Nip+Fab: is it any good?

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KoalaDownUnder Wed 27-Jul-16 11:57:03

All Nip+Fab is currently 50% off at Priceline (Australia). Can anyone recommend anything from the range, pls?

(Early 40s, combination skin.)

NattyGolfJerkin Wed 27-Jul-16 11:57:58

The glycolic fix extreme pads are v good.

NEmum Wed 27-Jul-16 11:58:48

The Glycolic fix night pads are fantastic for exfoliation 2-3 times per week. Full of acid which properly cleans the skin smile

Ihatechoosingnames Wed 27-Jul-16 11:59:05

I second the glycolic fix pads extreme pads. The dragons blood ones are good too, I alternate them with the glycolic ones

KoalaDownUnder Wed 27-Jul-16 12:01:40

Thanks so much.

It appears that most of these are 'sold out' online, but I will try in-store. sad

gaggiagirl Wed 27-Jul-16 12:02:12

Dragons blood and glycolic fix pads and the dragons blood serum all very good

Pinkkahori Wed 27-Jul-16 12:59:14

The glycolic fix body lotion really sorted out my dry scaly legs.

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