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Waterproof school coat for Y7 girl - to go over blazer - any recommendations?

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HeyMacWey Wed 27-Jul-16 11:31:58

Am I looking for the impossible?

DD needs a coat to go over her school blazer. Needs to be reasonably waterproof as walking a mile to school.

The insulated ones are probably going to be too warm. She's not overly keen on 'outdoorsy' type coats.

Any recommendations?

Is a Parka going to be the answer?

ayeokthen Wed 27-Jul-16 11:36:40

Superdry do a wind cheater type jacket, not sure if it's the "in thing" where you live and they ain't cheap, but they are long lasting. We bought one for our boy 3 years ago and it's still immaculate despite several million washes and generally having to cope with a very active boy. I was gutted when he grew out of it!

Pisssssedofff Wed 27-Jul-16 11:36:56

Barbour do nice kids coats

ayeokthen Wed 27-Jul-16 11:37:08

They are waterproof and not too heavy or thick, I meant to say too.

Pisssssedofff Wed 27-Jul-16 11:37:32

Ah yes and superdry, about the same price, might be a bit trendier

ayeokthen Wed 27-Jul-16 11:39:39

It's a tough call as it all depends what's "in" at the moment, I lose track!

feelingmiffed Wed 27-Jul-16 11:42:54

Superdry are good, DS has had his for 3 years and it still looks like new! I'd like to get him a thinner one but abit concerned they won't be in fashion soon!!!

altik Wed 27-Jul-16 11:48:37

Another vote for Superdry. Lightweight, but waterproof and goes over Blazers well.

HeyMacWey Wed 27-Jul-16 11:53:35

Superdry look good, but the wind cheater style looks like it might not come down low enough for the blazer.

Would an xs fit an 11 yo do you think?

HeyMacWey Wed 27-Jul-16 11:54:08

X post - good to hear they do go over blazers grin

ayeokthen Wed 27-Jul-16 12:14:26

XS would fit a small 11 year old, I'd go for S if you want growing room ( that age old Mum thing haha).

HeyMacWey Wed 27-Jul-16 12:18:13

Excellent - thanks grin

ayeokthen Wed 27-Jul-16 12:21:48


thehousewife Wed 27-Jul-16 12:23:30

Good luck at actually getting a year 7 to wear a coat at all!!! Even in the rain and hail I've yet to see a child at secondary school in a coat, so don't spend much!!

HeyMacWey Wed 27-Jul-16 12:25:48

I've found one I like the look of online - it comes down longer so better than the windcheater style.

DD is v narrow across the chest - haven't got her here to measure but her blazer is only 15" wide armpit to armpit.

I'm worried the small would be too big.
Do superdry come up small?

HeyMacWey Wed 27-Jul-16 12:27:03

grin thehousewife that is very true.

altik Wed 27-Jul-16 12:32:02

The other option my DD likes is her Gilet. Doesn't cover the arms, but she has a Jack Wills one that she wears over her blazer.

Statelychangers Wed 27-Jul-16 12:50:24

An umbrella and a pocket down coat from uniqlo works for dd.

Pisssssedofff Wed 27-Jul-16 13:30:03

At least she's not getting a bus to leave it on 😩

NatalieRushman Fri 29-Jul-16 15:21:39

My 12yo dsis has an all-weather parka thing from abercrombie and fitch thatch loves. Apparently it's what everyone in her year is wearing. It looks very sensible though - it's waterproof, lined, and covers her blazer - she's quite short so it actually almost covers her kilt grin

specialsubject Fri 29-Jul-16 17:20:28

outdoors wear is the way to go - 'fashion showerproof' coats are a waste of time.

mountain warehouse do good stuff that works and is actually cheap. Buy from the men's range though, the girl stuff is stupid pink with ickle cute flowers and is never long enough.

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