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Trousers/skirts for big arse & hips but smaller waist?

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bunnie1975 Tue 26-Jul-16 20:34:03

What are the best types of trousers/skirts for those large of arse/hip but smaller waist? Size 18ish.

Argeles Wed 27-Jul-16 00:34:30

I've got really curvy hips & thighs & a rounded arse, but my waist is a lot smaller in comparison too and I also have a hollow back. I have worn many skirts & trousers that really gape at the waist & draw attention to my thighs.

For me, the perfect skirts are stretchy pencil skirts. I buy mine in M&S & they wash & wear extremely well (I have them for years). They fit well at the waist & glide over all my curves. They make me feel really good - like a Goddess!

Culottes really suit me, and they're in fashion at the moment, so I've been getting away with wearing them! I don't own any work style trousers, as it depresses me to try them on. I owned a couple of well fitting pairs from Asda a few years ago, as elsewhere they just wouldn't fit. They were stretchy & bootcut.

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