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Conditioner for kids

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EmGee Tue 26-Jul-16 20:11:35

My kids' hair is getting harder to comb through after shampooing - both have hair that is shoulder length and longer. Not that thick just gets very tangled.

Any suggestions on good conditioner? Shampoos we use at the moment alternate between some Disney stuff, Vosene 3-in-1 anti-lice and a more 'natural' one supposedly with no nasties in it.

Muddlingalongalone Tue 26-Jul-16 20:13:20

I got a Disney one in sainsbury's (Ariel I think) and dd's hair seems to be super shiny & easy to brush. Smells pretty nice too

dementedpixie Tue 26-Jul-16 20:13:37

Dd just uses mine

Indecisivejo Tue 26-Jul-16 20:17:59

Childs farm! Get it from boots, they do a detangling spray too

DubiousCredentials Tue 26-Jul-16 20:22:55

Dd is 7 and always just uses my shampoo and conditioner.

Owlytellsmesecrets Tue 26-Jul-16 20:26:01

We now use Waitrose Woodland Friends shampoo and conditioner. They are amazing and not expensive. They have lice repellent and also have a great detangling spray!

NotSoFancyHanky Tue 26-Jul-16 20:35:33

Indecisive the child's farm detangling spray is great.

PoppyAmex Tue 26-Jul-16 21:48:06

We use this on DC - it smells of vanilla and tangerine and it leaves their hair beautifully soft.

We also put a few drops on a spray bottle with some water and use it on DD's very long hair when combing in the morning (can be used as leave-in)

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