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Easiest way to curl hair?

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Flickers Tue 26-Jul-16 19:14:33

I'm talking tousled waves, not corkscrew curls. I'm a complete curling novice - never managed to do it so it looks good and stays put. I have two small DC so don't have loads of time either (asking the impossible, I know...).

Read good things on here about the Babyliss curling wand. Is it worth it? What products do I need?

I have thick hair which is about to be chopped to around shoulder length. I have the fat plate GHDs which are clearly useless for this task.

Thanks in advance flowers

Knitella Tue 26-Jul-16 20:13:52

I like the soft curls you get from heatless pin curls. I wash hair, rough dry with hairdryer and then roll small sections up (without twisting) and pin in place with a kirby. Leave in as long as possible and whatever product works for your hair.

I do this once or twice a week (evening normally and then hit Netflix with them in). It looks so much nicer than my regular rushed blow dry. It doesn't take much effort (I also have 2 wee ones) but you do have to leave it in a while for the best result.

Loads of tutorials for this sort of thing on YouTube smile

tattoosandteadresses Tue 26-Jul-16 20:19:19

I use my straighteners bit mine aren't fat plate. Twist round and pull down through hair. I have thick hair that usually doesn't hold a curl but this gives me loose curled tousled looking hair.

Flickers Tue 26-Jul-16 20:54:58

Ooooh knitella, thank you. I'm off to YouTube.

tatoos I used to have the thinner GHDs. I still couldn't get it quite right. sad

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