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Moving abroad - need a new wardrobe. Help please!

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blibblibs Tue 26-Jul-16 17:14:01

As per title, we are relocating abroad in 6 weeks to Malta and I have no appropriate clothing shock

I don't venture on here very often but I'm stumped as to what I will need and I'm aware time is running out to get summer clothes in the shops before we go.

About me - I'm early 40's short (5ft 2) and dumpy (size 12) and sweat like a pig in anything above 20C!! My current summer wardrobe consists of a few thick strapped cami tops which I wear with my favourite Gap jeans if it's really warm and said jeans with casual tops and no jacket if it's nice. I own 1 black swimming costume.

I don't own a skirt or shorts and have 2 evening dresses. I hate my fat knees and apart from at swimming they are never exposed and I'd quite like to keep it that way. I think I need cool loose trousers and I would wear skirts/dresses but my height and knee issues mean finding a non frumpy length is really difficult.

I don't want to get off the plane in 6 weeks time with just my trusty old Gap jeans so any help would be most appreciated.

(and I may have to start another thread about suitable footwear and hobbit feet grin)

DelphiniumBlue Tue 26-Jul-16 17:40:44

You're likely to find a good selection of summer clothes in Malta, I would think.
Meanwhile I'd hot foot it to the sales, and try the linen dresses from Next. They also do a sleeveless, swingy Jersey dress with pockets in lots of different colours. Mine comes to just below the knee, I'm 5'4.
I struggle with shorts, but made very successful cut- offs using old jeans which had a good fit on the waist and thigh. Cut them off about 6 inches below the knee and roll up till you reach the most flattering length - just below the knee on me. Re-trim if necessary. I wear these with loose linen vests/ t-shirts ( currently on sale in H& M), or a longish linen shirt, which also works as a beach cover up.
You'll have to get shopping quickly, lots of shops are getting rid of summer stock now.

BigGreenOlives Tue 26-Jul-16 17:42:37

White Company have got some good things in the end of their sale - £90 white linen dress for £36 etc.

GreenSand Tue 26-Jul-16 18:12:07

OK. In the UK, I lived in Jeans and tee-shirts in the summer, with a jumper in winter and black trousers with a thin smart jumper, and struggled in the summer. You sound a bit like me in terms of clothes.

Sounds like your current wardrobe will be fine for the winter.
So, your looking for summer clothes, and don't wear dresses. So, buy some trousers.
I live in linen mix trousers. Try Next, M&S, Sainsburys, Tesco. This summer I have bought some shorts to take back, mainly because I'd like to dunk my legs in the pool when the kids are in, and can't in trousers!!!! Next and M&S have some roll bottom ones so you could adjust the length and they fit my thunder thighs

Consider tops with sleeves. My shoulders burn, so I cover them with clothing rather than sunscreen

You need a hat. The 'bald" bit in my hair where the parting and fringe split catches the sun, and is hard to cream....

You need a pair (or 2) of sunglasses.

Shoes.... Karimore or Teva walking sandalsblush, sketchers go walk, and a pair of sandals which won't be coming back with me as they are falling apart. After lurking in far to many sandals you can walk in threads, I'm going to try these after testing in the park, I'm concerned about how much sand they will hold. We will see.

Do Gap do some chinos (and maybe cut off chinos) in a style similar to your jeans???

Go for colours you think are too light. The difference between navy and mid blue trousers in a hot day in bright sunlight is amazing.

Ideally avoid black and navy blatently ignoring the fact Ive just bought navy trousers and shorts in desperation as white is too far out of my comfort zone

I have no style and shouldn't be posting on S&B other than to ask for help, but I do live in an absurdly hot place!

Good luch shopping

Orchidflower1 Tue 26-Jul-16 18:17:05

Am little bit taller than you but much bigger. Next have lots in the sale at the mo. I've got a couple of jersey dresses and they would cover your knees. I paid £8. Best of luck with move xx

GreenSand Tue 26-Jul-16 18:17:11

Oh, and you WILL get used to the heat. I was MELTING when we first moved, but there was then memorably one evening out with friends where we all commented how lovely and cool it was, just before walking past a thermometer proclaiming it was a meet 36Cshock

Also, get a copy of this book recommended to me by the author on MN, and see if you can find some Facebook expat groups for Malta.

specialsubject Tue 26-Jul-16 18:18:13

as an aside, you will adapt to the temperature although not immediately - by next summer you'll be as cool as the rest of them!

stock up on cheap UK sunglasses, they are consumables.

blibblibs Tue 26-Jul-16 22:06:26

Sorry, got busy getting the cars ready for selling.
Great advice, although letting go of dark trousers and wearing a hat are scary prospects smile
Any more advice and links greatfully recieved

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