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Help please - school shoes for 11yo boy with extremely wide feet!

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BirdyArms Mon 25-Jul-16 17:06:23

Apologies, nothing stylish or beautiful about this post, wasn't sure where to put it!

Have just been to John Lewis to buy DS1 his first ever black leather school shoes, he was at a primary with no uniform so I am a total school shoe rooky. He measures a 5I, H is the widest the regular brands seem to make so we need to size up, but a 6H is still too narrow for him. We exhausted the possibilities of the children's shoe school section and the assistant suggested that men's shoes are generally more roomy than childrens.

So I think we need to buy adult shoes but from a quick look at JL mens nothing looked like it would withstand playground football, all the black leather shoes looked very officey. Shopping fatigue had set in and we didn't get as far as trying anything on.

I wondered if anyone had any tips what brands might be suitable, ie wide and hardwearing and ideally at not too crazy price? Do I need to order some online or do most shoe shops carry stock of mens? Thank you!

BirdyArms Mon 25-Jul-16 17:07:58

Typo - meant to ask do most mens shoe shops carry size 6?

herecomesthsun Mon 25-Jul-16 19:34:25

My son is only 8 but always H+, these have been good in the past Geox, if you haven't tried them yet, maybe you could order online and send them back if they don't fit?

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