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how many pairs of shoes/boots do you have?

(15 Posts)
Itscurtainsforyou Mon 25-Jul-16 00:15:02

I've just had a cull & put 8 pairs in the charity shop pile.

But I still have 17 pairs!

2 flip flops
2 sandals
3 "going out" shoes
2 work shoes
4 casual (think sketchers, converse)
2 ankle boots
2 knee boots

I thought I didn't have many but when I list them like this it seems like loads...

Anyone make me feel better??

mrsclooneytoyou Mon 25-Jul-16 00:38:04

6 flip flops
7 sandals
5 ballet pumps
3 wedges
2 brogue
4 ankle boots
3 knee high boots
4 heels
1 sketchers go walk blush

Think I need a cull

ChishandFips33 Mon 25-Jul-16 04:38:07

From memory!
5 knee high boots
3 mid calf
3 ankle winter
8 fashion ankle
2 brogues
4 wedges
2 walking sandals
about 16 sandals
1 wellies
2 brogues
4/5 'other'
About 6 pairs bought but not worn to go on eBay
I work on if they're comfortable then buy them in every colour!

And in my defence looking at you DH I only have a few handbags!!

VioletBam Mon 25-Jul-16 04:49:11

2 trainers
1 Converse
1 ballet style
1 high heel shoes
1 walking boot
1 dressy boot flat
1 dressy boot high
1 flat ankle boot
around 6 random pairs sandals

I am very hard on shoes and wreck them regularly or I would have more. I have to buy them quite often.

buttertoffee Mon 25-Jul-16 06:24:20

1 x Birkenstock sandals
1 x winter boots
1 x trainers
1 x canvas shoes
1 x ballerina pumps
1 x brogues.

Itscurtainsforyou Mon 25-Jul-16 09:05:27

I think I have a problem that I can't just have one of a type of shoe! I think it's a fear that if I lose one/one breaks I'll be shoeless then panic-buy something unsuitablesmile

ImogenTubbs Mon 25-Jul-16 09:21:48

Five pairs of knee high / winter boots
Eight pairs ankle boots (five heeled, three flat)
Four pairs of trainers
One pair walking boots
Five pairs of ballet pumps
Four pairs of flip flops / flat sandals
15 pairs of heels

This is AFTER the cull I did recently. I love them all - mwah ha ha hah! Especially my bubblegum pink patent five inch stilettos that I haven't worn for six years.

I think I need some more sandals...

Runningupthathill82 Mon 25-Jul-16 10:10:25

Four road shoes
One trail shoe
One gym shoe
One "barefoot" running shoe

Flip flops
3x work shoes
3x flat sandals
2x ankle boots
1x knee high boots
4x "going out" shoes
Plus my old wedding shoes, in their box!

princessdave Mon 25-Jul-16 10:19:09

If I include all my running shoes then I'm up around the 100 mark. Might even be a smidge over.

hollieberrie Mon 25-Jul-16 10:36:36

ooh this is fun. I am a very kinimal person, i hate too much stuff. I def need fot have s hoe cull so that my shoes ties in with the rest of my flat.

I have:
- 4 pairs of converse
- 1 pair of trainers
- 1 pair loafers
- 1 pair ballet flats
- 4 pairs flip flops
- 3 pairs sandals
- 2 pairs of Uggs
- 1 pair leather calf boots
- 1 pair leather ankle boots
- 1 pair of posh nude heels (only wear for weddings etc)

God thats loads! 19 confused

LemonDr1zzle Mon 25-Jul-16 12:16:02

+70 pairs, not including trainers, crocs blush and wellies. Too many to list... It's a problem, I know confused

rightknockered Mon 25-Jul-16 17:23:27

I can't list mine, it's embarrassing

WhooooAmI24601 Mon 25-Jul-16 17:30:51

I've recently had a cull. But am still ridiculously overwhelmed with shoes and boots because I just love them. I have 27 pairs of boots. 54 stilettos. 21 pairs of summery sandals with/without heels. 14 pairs of trainers. 2 pairs of Dubarry boots (both incredibly old and battered). At least 30 pairs of flip-flops.

It's embarrassing to list, but I genuinely couldn't throw any more away because I love them all.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 25-Jul-16 17:32:30

At least 40 +

Nanasueathome Mon 25-Jul-16 17:33:08

Oh dear
Cannot even say
I did give my sister 14 pairs of shoes recently as well as putting another 6 pairs in the charity bag if that helps

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