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Bra intervention help please :-)

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shiveringhiccup Sun 24-Jul-16 21:30:40

Hi there bra people smile

I have had bra issues forever but it's particularly bad at the moment as I am postpartum and breastfeeding and just cannot get it right. I now have a range of bras, all different sizes, which all don't fit in different ways and all cause a lot of pain and discomfort. I constantly have heat rash, it's so tight and uncomfortable, and I'm scared I'll end up with mastitis.

Thanks to MN I have recently discovered all this bra intervention business! I've followed the instructions on

I've measured myself and these are my measurements (in centimetres sorry - rubbish tape measure. I've included inch conversions courtesy of google):
Underbust 82cm (just over 32")
Overbust 101cm (just under 40")

So that makes me 32FF?

This seems outrageous to me and I'm certain I've got it wrong. Surely FF cups are ginormous? My boobs are most definitely not ginormous!!

Please could you help? I really can't afford to get it wrong again, and I'm desperate to be a bit more comfortable. Thank you very much!

shiveringhiccup Sun 24-Jul-16 21:32:16

Sorry I forgot to say - I also looked at a size guide on a different website and with those measurements it came up with 36F. Thoroughly confused!


Firstly, cup sizes don't exist in isolation - they're proportional to breast volume. So a 30D does not have the same amount of breast tissue as a 40D.

Secondly - there is a lot of massive misinformation about real bra sizes. If the DM/Sun/Heat/whoever else give a woman's bra size it is almost certainly not just incorrect but miles off. I've seen Nicole Sherzinger listed as a 36C. Nicole is very slim, the band on a 36 would wrap around her and fasten at the front. A FF cup, when properly fitted, really isn't enormous. Likewise, Katie Price at her biggest was touted as being a 32FF/G ish - my arse she was. She was more like a 26JJ/K or thereabouts although god knows what she actually wore.

Thirdly - there are old fashioned fitting methods where you add 4 inches to your band size. They're shit and give inadequate support!

Your measurements do indeed suggest a start point of a 32FF - have a look at this link which shows real women in well fitting bras in a 32FF. As you can see, they're not massive. If you google "Heather Crook" you'll also find another good example, she is a model who has modelled for Bravissimo for years and is generally considered to be about a 30G which is the same volume as a 32FF so will give you an idea.

shiveringhiccup Mon 25-Jul-16 14:31:10

Thanks so much StatsChallenged, that's so helpful. I think it's just strange adjusting how I've always thought about bras - that the cup size is a set size. Feel like I've been duped!

I'm having a look around for a nice comfy cheapish bra. These ones:

look ok, they're basically a knock off of the Bravado Body Silk ones. However the sizing is all in Asian sizes. I was confused enough with European sizing!

Putting it into a converter it looks like a 32FF would be a 70H in Asian sizing. These ones are in medium/ large/ extra large and the closest to my size seems to be medium (suitable for 70C) which is obviously a much smaller cup...

Is it worth trying these or shall I stop being a cheapskate and buy the real deal?

Thanks so much!

I would focus on a proper bra tbh.

shiveringhiccup Mon 25-Jul-16 17:30:47

Thanks smile

luda Mon 25-Jul-16 18:13:55

Why not take advantage of the free Bra Measuring/Fitting service available in lots of department stores? At least you will be in with a sporting chance of getting the correct measurements although, like dresses, you may find that you need a slightly different size depending on the manufacturer you choose. Nothing beats trying it on in the store if you can.
Then, when you see a design on line that you like, you can order a couple of different cup sizes and send the ones back that don't fit properly.
You will really feel so much happier with a proper supporting bra, whatever size you turn out to be. Good luck with it.

Cakescakescakes Mon 25-Jul-16 19:23:51

Try a Bravissimo fitting for a nursing bra then look on eBay and Amazon for new with tags ones that are the same make and style. Last season designs etc are often half price or more and new with tags etc.

frikadela01 Tue 26-Jul-16 06:59:05

I had a breakdown in m&s last week after I was measured as a 40D yet every single bra of that size didn't fit once I'd done the full bend over and scoop everything in. Woman who measured me said they didn't fit because I was scooping my fat into the brashock.

Anyway I went home and searched on here for bra help and found all the bra intervention stuff. Did my own measurements and came out with a 36FF. I was shocked. I had been wearing 40E prior to losing some boobage during pregnancy and thought like you that a FF was huge compared to an E. Fast forward to this week after ordering a load of bras from bravissimo. For the first time in my life my boobs actually feel really supported and I am indeed a 36ff. I really recommend bravissimo for bras too. Not cheap but very clearly well made and they have a phone advice line if you can't get to a store.

I'd generally avoid most department stores for fittings - John lewis are ok but most if the others still do the old fitting approach

leedy Tue 26-Jul-16 09:46:56

Once you've got your size sorted and you're sure it's settled down (my boobs were up and down like nobody's business for the first few months postpartum), I would highly recommend the Anita underwired nursing bra. Great support, very comfortable, wide wires designed to not press on your ducts.

I believe the Freya pure is good too.

shiveringhiccup Thu 28-Jul-16 13:44:17

Thanks for the replies everyone, I thought the thread was over so didn't check it!

I have now got myself a bra to test out the new size - it is AMAZING grin

Luda - I have had fittings in a few different department stores but without fail they result in really uncomfortable badly fitting bras, so I've given up on that. Not to mention it's such a faff!

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