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dress/smart trousers and glittery top for v. formal dinner

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nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 11:01:53

DH and I have been invited by his parents to a very formal dinner (they have described it like a formal evening on a cruise). We've never been to a formal dinner and I have no idea what to wear.

I'm tall but am very, very overweight. Normally i live in shorts and t-shirts as my job is a casual outdoor job.

Can you wonderful people on style and beauty sort me out please? I need to spend less than £100 including shoes!

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:03:13

What colours suit you?

Which bits of you do you like to show off / hide?

Which shops are near you?

What size are you?

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 11:06:41

I'm a size 22 (Next) or 24/26 in M & Co.
I need to hide my upper arms, my legs aren't great either. I'm an apple shape. I always wear black or navy, I think purple suits me but not bright. I've got the type red head complexion and light red/brown hair.

We only have Peacocks, M & Co and ASDA near us. I'd have to buy online.

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 11:07:49

I did wonder about this but it doesn't cover my upper arms.

OhHolyFuck Sun 24-Jul-16 11:10:48


SimplyNigella Sun 24-Jul-16 11:18:10

Simply Be have a range of Coast clothes that go to a size 26 and they have a sale on.

Germgirl Sun 24-Jul-16 11:21:18

I'm a fat apple shape & I bought the black version of this a while ago. They do it in several colours, there's also one with a lace overlay and one with an embellished neckline. They're nice, the knot disguises the belly a bit and it has arm coverage.

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:21:18

Over budget but do you like this sort of style?

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:26:11

This might give you a good waist

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:28:40

This green could be lovely with your colouring

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:29:38

Good arm coverage but knee length

ifherbumwereabungalow Sun 24-Jul-16 11:32:23

I'm the same size and have treated myself to several jumpsuits from ASOS curve range, I feel really great in them (both black) and they can get dressed up with a statement necklace and great shoes. Good price too!

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:34:26

Interesting print and well in budget

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:35:34

Black and metallic

OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 11:36:59

Longer length

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 11:48:44

Lots of suggestions, thanks.
I wasn't keen on the John Lewis blue chiffon number, I'm a plain and boring person and don't like to draw attention to myself, I think that would. Ditto the ASOS pale coloured dress and the bright green - though I do like the bright green one.
I think I'm too fat for the Debenhams blue one, it's very clingy.

The last time we went for a meal with the in-laws, MIL looked at me like she thought I was something that had crawled out from under a stone; I wore a maxi dress as it was the only one I had. It's in the bin now.

How about any of these?,size:,size:,size: (just the jacket)

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 11:50:34

Oh, I do like that John Lewis dress - the interesting print. Thanks.
I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear it though.

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 11:53:27

Or these?,size:

but what top should I wear with them?

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 11:53:53

Oh, wrong link,


OlennasWimple Sun 24-Jul-16 12:01:10

Hmm, not sure they are smart enough, perhaps the first top might be.

Do you have trousers and excellent shoes already?

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 12:04:43

No, only walking sandals and casual trousers/shorts. I never, ever dress up.

HermioneWeasley Sun 24-Jul-16 12:11:09

Can I ask a non S&B question - do you want to go to this dinner?

If it's a wonderful celebration, or you're really excited at the thought of dressing up and having a night out, that's one thing, but your posts don't show any real enthusiasm for it and you might enjoy spending the £100 another way?

nuttymango Sun 24-Jul-16 12:16:09

No, I absolutely do not want to go but it's PILs 80th and I've got to go.

HermioneWeasley Sun 24-Jul-16 12:20:02

Ok, so it's a family thing so there's a bit more wiggle room - everyone knows you don't dress formally and you're hardly going to be thrown out!

I would probably go for some simple things you can wear again, and accessorise with a statement necklace (you can get them really cheaply online)

chocolatecakemakesmefat Sun 24-Jul-16 12:24:47

Smart jeans a nice top and some heels/smartish shoes would go well if it's a family do smile

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