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Fab charity shop find today!

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itstheyearzero Sat 23-Jul-16 21:24:15

I was wandering down my local high street today, and I spotted outside a charity shop a rail with a number of jackets and and coats on a it. Joy of joys there was a gorgeous light weight tailored tweed blazer, in my size! I tried it on and, and it was a perfect fit. So, I went inside to pay and was charged 99p! It's just come out of the washer, can't wait until it's dry so I can try it on again. I'm thinking about Autumn, skinny jeans, brown ankle pleased with my bargainous purchase! 😁

heartyrebel Sat 23-Jul-16 21:40:41

lucky you smile

BringMeTea Sat 23-Jul-16 22:13:55

Love it when that happens.

wobblywonderwoman Sat 23-Jul-16 22:21:08

Oh lovely ! I love finding a bargain


amarmai Sat 23-Jul-16 22:27:14

Love a bargain ! Is it wool and how did you set the machine? Hope it didn't shrink.

Exploretheunexplored23 Sat 23-Jul-16 22:29:53


theclick Sat 23-Jul-16 22:37:58

I think this should become a long standing charity shop star finds thread!

itstheyearzero Sat 23-Jul-16 23:59:07

Ooh yes I like the idea of a permanent thread!

My blazer is actually 100% cotton not wool, so I just put it on a 30 degree wash and it came out fine. I also spotted a really cool khaki army style jacket with a hood which was also really nice, but it was too small. I've already got one, albeit without a hood, so I didn't feel too sad. My fab blazer mode than made up for it. I love charity shops, I got a grey M&S lined pencil skirt that is perfect for work last week, that was £1.50.

MadHattersWineParty Sun 24-Jul-16 00:05:42

Whereabouts do you live? I'm getting s but annoyed with them in London. The pricing seems all wrong! The local Cancer Research one has things from primark and H&M that are practically the same price as if you bought them new, just older and With bobbles.

I was torn over whether to buy a Marc Jacob's coat last week.... It was £28 though and I just didn't like it quite enough- bit of a drab shade of brown.

Jealous of your bargain, it sounds fab.

itstheyearzero Sun 24-Jul-16 00:08:31

I'm in the Blackpool, charity shops here are really cheap!

hollieberrie Sun 24-Jul-16 07:52:49

Ooh sounds fab , a good find.

I had a great one yesterday too - a Fat Face striped linen tee (this season, RRP £35) for .... £2.99.Thrilled. grin
Looks like it's hardly been worn and firs me perfectly smile

dudsville Sun 24-Jul-16 09:05:16

I found a perfect summer dress last weekend. It was £4 and so lightweight it was like wearing nothing AND I got complimented on it! I love charity shops. I'm bored of massive wine goblets and found cute sets of cut glass from the 50's. Adorable and much better for managing wine consumption!

leadrightfoot Sun 24-Jul-16 09:13:46

That sounds like a perfect charity shop find, my most recent was a pair of cotton Jaeger candy stripe pink cropped trousers with the tags for £1.99 in just my size RESULT

LifeIsGoodish Sun 24-Jul-16 09:36:01

I've been going to work recently in a fabulous, flattering, comfortable dress, £3 from local charity shop. No idea what make as the label had been removed, but endless compliments from colleagues grin

theclick Sat 30-Jul-16 12:21:25

I am currently in the west end. Does anyone know any charity shops around here I can rummage in - I fancy finding a bargain!

theclick Sat 30-Jul-16 12:21:45

*sorry I mean west end = Oxford Circus area

Nydj Sat 30-Jul-16 12:41:19

theclick Marylebone high street is close by and has some charity shops.

itstheyearzero Sat 30-Jul-16 14:39:56

Oooh me again! Today I got a Laura Ashley 100% wool black blazer. Absolute bargain at £4. Im on fire at the moment grin

BagelGoesWalking Sat 30-Jul-16 19:19:33

Not charity shop but ebay - got a khaki green summer jacket last year for £5 but it was a bit tight to be comfortable. Have lost a bit of weight and now it fits fine, it's slightly military but not much (more because of the colour) and looks very similar to ones pictured in loads of online must-buys this year.

Very pleased!

FiveFullFathoms Sat 30-Jul-16 19:24:01

I got a 100% silk cardigan for 99p yesterday! grin

itstheyearzero Sat 30-Jul-16 19:38:46

Khaki jacket sounds fab. And a silk cardi for 99p is amazing! shock

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Sat 30-Jul-16 22:22:27

We only have shit in ours. Worn to death Primark t shirts priced at more than you would buy them new.

Glamorousglitter Sat 30-Jul-16 22:26:32

I don't ever manage to find many bargains but in a local vintage store I found a grey leather a line skirt, it s pure soft leather(so a was a little shaped to the previous owners shape which luckily enough seems to fit me too) it s amazing, I ve had it 3 years and get so may compliments on it.

HoneyDragon Sat 30-Jul-16 22:26:48

I've been looking for some purple sandals to wear to a Christening tomorrow and had given up hope.

Went into the local charity shop today, brand new pair of Hush Puppies in exactly the right colour for £5 grin

BagelGoesWalking Sun 31-Jul-16 02:35:52

Glamour that skirt sounds lovely, so unusual.

That's what I like about ebay (although you have to filter a lot of rubbish) is that there are brands that I never seem to see in the shops - and probably wouldn't try on even if I did see it, or I wouldn't buy at full price. But I don't mind taking a risk if it's under a tenner!

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