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Clothes to cover the sides of my boobs!

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ilovecherries Sat 23-Jul-16 16:53:56

I'm a 36JJ - sometimes a K. In order to get a top to fit round the chest, I need a size 20. This inevitably means the thing is falling off my shoulders, or the sleeves end in the wrong place. I generally look better in a drop shoulder/cap sleeve because of this. Well, better from the front - from the side, my boobs pull the (usually far too large) armhole so far forward you can see half my bra cup. Even with my arm by my side, the top is pulled so far forward you can see a LOT of bra. In the winter, I just wear a cardigan, but I'm at a loss what to do with just now. I just want to wear a bloody sleeveless dress or a vest top without flashing 6 inches of side boob! Any suggestions? I've tried pepperberry clothes, but they don't sit right either. A dressmaker friend tells me I need something called a full bust adjustment - which I'd consider if I were needing a posh frock custom made for a big-deal event. But I'm not, I just want not to be sweltering in multiple layers.

ilovecherries Sat 23-Jul-16 17:05:23

And thinking about it, this problem was probably less acute when I was wearing an M and S fitted 42C. Probably because in this days, my boobs were tucked into my waistband. Now they are somewhat more in your face!

hollinhurst84 Sat 23-Jul-16 17:09:39

I'm a 34K smile and I wear lady v London a lot (the Isabella and Lyra dress - size down one in Lyra)
Also biu biu are good, a lot better and cheaper than pepperberry!
Dorothy Perkins seems to fit me well too

puglife15 Sat 23-Jul-16 18:21:23

I have two suggestions, not sure if either will work...

Look for tops cut in a Boob tube shape eg a straight line at the top.

Learn to sew - then look for tops which only need simple adjustments

ZBWRDSM Sat 23-Jul-16 18:39:05

why not get something custom made for you? It's not as expensive as you think and most tailors do a half price/offer on a second item made to the same pattern.

at least then you'd have exactly what you want. It probbably will work out cheaper in the long run than buying things and keeping having them altered or clothes you only wear a few times as you aren't happy with them.

ilovecherries Sat 23-Jul-16 20:11:32

Yeah, am coming to the conclusion custom made is possibly the only answer. But by then the weather will be crap, and I will be back in cardis again! Learning to sew is SO not my thing!

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