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Has anyone had Vaser Lipo or Vanquish ME?

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QuiteLikely5 Sat 23-Jul-16 14:45:28


I'm looking for any experiences of the above things. I'm tempted to use either one to help remove tummy fat but the reviews are varied!

Any advice much appreciated smile

GloriaCuddles Tue 07-Feb-17 08:54:09


Hi I am trying to reach out to see if anyone on here has had Vaser Liposuction or Ultra Sound or Smart Lipo in London.

I had it done and it has wrecked my legs. I'm feeling really down far from the glossy pics which made me think it was a cosmetic surgery 'soft option', it's the worst decision of my life . It was seriously painful too & I felt so ill for ages after.

My legs were good before and I just wanted a 'thigh gap' and nothing much also I didn't want my family to know as I felt bad spending money on a vain thing.

Now I can't wear shorter skirts, feel embarrassed to get my legs out on the beach and feel pretty crap. My legs are bumpy and look horrible
I am wondering if I was just unlucky or if this has happened to anyone else?

sushiforever Thu 30-Mar-17 06:32:03

I had vaser last year for fat on my neck. I did research and picked the "top" award winning place on Harley Street. My surgeon also suggested taking some fat out from my cheeks to balance it out. Whilst I'm happy with 90% of the results (neck fat gone, face more sculpted) there were many things that went wrong - she burned off a section of my ear lobe as forgot to tape it back when prepping me for surgery, she took too much off one side of my cheek so had deep dip which people noticed. Had to go back many times, finally they used filler for both cheek and ear lobe which will have to be repeated every two years or so forever. Also, I asked about compensation right at the start (last year) but after finally being asked to email to them an outline of my claim they sent a letter claiming that although they are still working under same name, they are in fact a different company now so I can't claim - I bet this is often done so be warned! Now considering what to do - do I contact a no-win-no-fee company or just accept I have no recourse. Any advice very welcome!!

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