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Recommendation for high street night cream/serum

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MozzchopsThirty Sat 23-Jul-16 12:32:52

I'm not loving the super drug serum
In an ideal world my choice would either be neals yard beauty sleep concentrate or neals yard frankincense serum however it's just too expensive as only in small bottles

I've seen olay tops a lot of best polls but I don't know anyone who uses it

So would you recommend yours & why?

(Am 41, pale, have Botox so lines not necessarily an issue, normal skin)

Nabootique Sat 23-Jul-16 12:49:00

Hello. What is it you want the serum to do? What skin issues do you have? It sounds like you're not really after an anti aging one.

DelphiniumBlue Sat 23-Jul-16 12:54:50

I use Aldi night cream, its nicer smelling and thicker/ creamier than it's competitors ( which judging from the packaging are L'Oreal etc) and way cheaper.

MozzchopsThirty Sat 23-Jul-16 13:24:52

Hmm good question
Some anti ageing properties as its not all about lines
Dewy, soft skin

hollinhurst84 Sat 23-Jul-16 14:10:50

I use a couple. REN omega 3 which lasts ages. Elemental herbology cell food (not cheap, had to go rooting in TK Maxx!), and deciem hylamide
Most of the good ones I've picked up from TK Maxx in store or website

MozzchopsThirty Sat 23-Jul-16 15:45:56

Something cheap and I can buy in boots, super drug or supermarket

MozzchopsThirty Sat 23-Jul-16 22:46:52


Doesn't anyone use night cream?

hollinhurst84 Sat 23-Jul-16 23:16:30

I went into boots today and had a little look
Nip and fab is discounted online and instore and they do good serums
Boots botanics is good too, I have their night cream actually
Also this, haven't used it but love the stuff I have used

hollinhurst84 Sat 23-Jul-16 23:18:54

Soap and glory too, and this was the other I looked at

goiaba Sun 24-Jul-16 00:23:14

Olay is such an underrated brand but has some great anti-ageing serums and moisturisers. Most of their formulas contain niacimide, peptides, glycerin, etc.

Truckingalong Sun 24-Jul-16 06:58:26

Aldi caviar stuff.

BloatyMcBloatface Sun 24-Jul-16 07:02:09

I swear by Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula

Jmangel Sun 24-Jul-16 07:51:34

Aldi night cream in red jar is gorgeous - way better results than using Elemis/Clinique/Clarins for me. Hylamide sub q serum is frankly amazing - the most hydration I've ever used.

MozzchopsThirty Sun 24-Jul-16 08:28:49

Thank you so much for those recommendations
I'll take a look in boots today smile

signalred Sun 24-Jul-16 21:48:34

Get a vitamin c serum, over 15%

McBassyPants Sun 24-Jul-16 22:11:13

Choceeclair123 Mon 25-Jul-16 00:50:25

I usually use Clarins but tried oil of Olay which was recently on offer at boots and I'm loving it!

Olay regenerist three point serum

Nothing else works nearly as well

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