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Hair style help please

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PhyllisWig Sat 23-Jul-16 08:25:48

Am trying to work out what will suit. I have a short slightly inverted Bob but this actually translates as a grown out shaggy mess. Just longer than jaw length. Hair is fine but plentiful, slightly kinky/wavy and I have a very stubborn cows lick.

I am in my early 40s. Corporate job. Tendency to the messy/scruffy/frumpy but want to sharpen up my image as its getting me down a bit.
Facially I have aquiline features. I look a bit like a much less pretty Gillian Anderson. I have lost a fair bit of weight but still plump.
Historically I've always insisted on hair around my face to break up my double chin/soften my nose. Saw myself on a video the other day though and realised actually this drags my face down. Don't want to go pixie short but wondered about this kind of thing:
Am not great at styling my hair though and given the kinky bits am not sure this is too high maintenance?

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