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Can't wear tight clothes..any tips?

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ICanSeeForMiles Sat 23-Jul-16 06:39:40

I really hate wearing anything fitted or tight, the only exceptions being maybe skinny jeans and occasionally leggings. I always worry though that I'm making myself look unnecessarily larger wearing loose fitting tops etc. Any tips? I'm a size 12 and have a weird body proportion, long legs and a really short body so waist belts always seem really high up on me IYSWIM?

I struggle with this, partly paranoia about looks but I think it's a feature of my asperger's, I'm really sensitive to waistbands and tight stuff.

My solution is dresses, I find them much more comfortable. I have the long legs short torso thing too but I still wear a lot of fit and flare type dresses

ICanSeeForMiles Sat 23-Jul-16 07:40:13

I have a few of them but then it brings the legs into the equation! Tights/no tights/ what shoes/jacket. Plus I live in Scotland where it's bloody freezing and wet a great deal of the time.
I dislike even wearing a vest with a cardigan that's open, it's too 'exposed'. I see people wearing tight outfits and just think 'how can they possibly be comfortable?'

I think I may go and get a couple more dresses and just tan the legs for the summer, I'm so much more an autumn winter dresser and comfortable in boots.

imwithspud Sat 23-Jul-16 07:49:47

Ohh following. I also have long legs and a short body. I'm also slightly over weight and most of my weight congregates around my midriff which I'm really self conscious about and tight fitting clothes just make it worse.

I've taken to wearing leggings with a long top/dress type clothes. Not necessarily super baggy tops but not tight either if that makes sense. I just make sure that my bum is covered as I hate wearing leggings as trousers. I recently bought myself some Converse too, which are very versatile and go with almost everything.

But it would be great to hear what others do, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to fashion.

I'm Scottish too, dresses all year round for me. I have 1 pair of highish waist wide leg jeans but never feel quite right on trousers. But I'm also VERY fussy about my tights, I generally wear Wolford or Falke ones which have quite long bodies so they come up almost under my bra so I don't have a tights bump either! My legs are blue, I virtually never go bare legged but I rarely notice many bare legs in the office either.

Jacket wise, I quite like cropped jackets and cardigans over dresses which flare out.

Lweji Sat 23-Jul-16 08:57:25

How tight is tight?
I have a few tops with the "waist" under the boobs that aren't tight at all and hand loose.
Also shirt like tops. They don't cling to the skin and can give shape.
The usual problem is the fabric. Go for stronger non stretch fabrics.

ICanSeeForMiles Sat 23-Jul-16 09:08:26

Anything that sits flat against my skin, Lweji it doesn't seem to matter what fabric. It makes me feel very self conscious to have my midriff 'on show' so to speak.

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