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What to wear with these pants?

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Hagothehills Fri 22-Jul-16 14:44:56

They're a bit greener than in the pic. Got them yesterday (£7 in peacocks sale! Steal!) Because a) I'm incredibly short and because these are supposed to be cropped they fit nicely and b) the colour suits me.

Was hoping to wear them tonight with a pair of tan wedges but no idea what top. (Sil for her PhD yesterday and we're going to out for tea and meeting her current flame, nowhere posh though that was Wednesday)

Any suggestions please? Tia

thenightsky Fri 22-Jul-16 14:53:41

White linen top?

Have you got a white one? Broderie anglais would look nice.

blueskyinmarch Fri 22-Jul-16 15:57:19

They are not pants, they are trousers! grin

PosiePootlePerkins Fri 22-Jul-16 16:03:02

Floaty vest top with a bit of lace (currently my fave summer style of top, finally stopped caring about showing my upper arm fat aged 41!) In cream or white.

SymbollocksInteractionism Fri 22-Jul-16 16:03:55

Something like this?

SymbollocksInteractionism Fri 22-Jul-16 16:07:42

Or this?

Hagothehills Fri 22-Jul-16 18:52:20

Ah bluesky I'm northern they're pants! We don't have trousers ;)

I went with this, sorry about the terrible light, it's all a bit lighter than it looks in the pic smile

Runningupthathill82 Fri 22-Jul-16 19:01:07

I'm as northern as they come, and they're definitely trousers! Pants go under trousers. For sure.

Hagothehills Fri 22-Jul-16 19:07:55

Underpants go under pants, trousers are made of different material to these, they're like green denim

XiCi Sat 23-Jul-16 10:07:34

Come on girls, stop fight. Pants and trousers are the same thing grin

Top looks lovely OP. White, or even black would both work as well

hownottofuckup Sat 23-Jul-16 10:09:35

Love the sandals are they comfy?

NisekoWhistler Sat 23-Jul-16 10:11:13

I think the white linen or broderie anglaise suggestions are great. Perhaps it's the angle the photo is taken at but the long top you are wearing doesn't do anything for your height I don't think. You could wear the cardigan but I'd certainly look at a shorter top

ILoveAGoodBrusselSprout Sat 23-Jul-16 10:19:54

I agree with Niseko. The long top and the long cardigan together drag you down and the gathered fabric can often look more voluminous. I think a simpler top would be more flattering

augustusglupe Sat 23-Jul-16 10:32:50

Bin the cardi!! Sorry OP but it does no one any favours...hmm
I agree with others, something white or light in colour and feminine, around the same length you've got on or a bit shorter. Maybe with a nice biker/bomber style jacket to make it 'on trend'...Hoping to sound like I know what I'm on about confused

It's out of stock but this is the kind of thing I had in mind.

Or a pretty t=shirt (there are lots around).

Or maybe a plain cami and something like this.

I agree with the others that the cardigan/top combo isn't really working. I think there's too much fabric and that combined with the print of the top plus the colour of the jeans makes it all look a bit busy.

Hagothehills Tue 26-Jul-16 09:18:56

Thanks howto, the sandals are ridiculously comfy, they're from new look of all places. They do the same style in black too.
I can see what pp mean about the top now it's been pointed out. Q cardigan was for warmth as much as anything because it was chucking it down. I'm bloody clueless when it comes to dressing for my shape though, I'm very short, very pear shaped but have massive arms, long torso and short legs. I thought i might have gotten away with the top with the sandals but maybe not!

remus the first top isn't really something I'd ever wear, not my style but the second one is pretty. I have a couple of white shirts, one broderie anglais and one sort of peasant style one that might work. There's loads of volume in the peasant one though so I'm very weary of it adding bulk.

Black would be easy to do I think, plain black long sleeve t shirt. Black and olive ankle boots, black belt, nice scarf. But that's more of a cold weather look I think.

hownottofuckup Tue 26-Jul-16 10:54:30

>>> heading to New Look, thanks OP!

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