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Fake tan problems argh

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user1468602338 Fri 22-Jul-16 09:12:54

I literally exfoliated and slathered in moisturiser a day before then last night I applied 2 coats of the st tropez gradual tan.
One had 7.30 then another at 9 and this morning a random white blotch,orange elbows and streaks ..I don't understand what I've done wrong.

user1468602338 Fri 22-Jul-16 09:13:22

At not had.
Sorry was rushing

QueenofLouisiana Fri 22-Jul-16 09:14:44

I had a similar problem. This is the link to the advice I was given:

It has helped a bit!

user1468602338 Fri 22-Jul-16 09:20:18

Think i put too much moisturiser on the night before and it was oil based too.
Might try just applying it to elbows.

orangeistheonlyfruit Fri 22-Jul-16 09:25:27

Yes you should not moisturise all over, just to elbows, knees and ankles. The moisterising doesn't allow the tan to get a hold on that part of the skin so it's no surprise you are patchy.

Shower with a basic soap and apply moisturiser just to the specific problem areas and then apply the tan again to try and even it out? Not sure if this will give you a smooth even tan but it's worth a go!

user1468602338 Fri 22-Jul-16 09:30:56

Il give it a go.
Luckily this was just a practice run for a wedding in a few weeks so hopefully by then il be a pro wink

orangeistheonlyfruit Fri 22-Jul-16 09:40:28

Oh that's good you have chance to perfect!

Don't forget the trick with the hands too where put it on the back of one hand and rub the two backs of the hands together (means you can wash off palms after you've done everything else and then you can just do this and not have the tell take orange palms!) smile

user1468602338 Fri 22-Jul-16 09:45:55

I was struggling to do the hands I ended up putting it on with a piece of tissue Ha ha

I'm such a novice

mrssnodge Fri 22-Jul-16 10:57:33

A tanning mitt from B & M's is what you need, £1.99 with a free small one for facial tanning- the tan goes on much better and no orange palms or stained fingers!

macnab Fri 22-Jul-16 12:05:59

Oh definitely get a fake tan mitt they make all the difference

And apply quickly in a circular motion as opposed to up/down if that makes sense

user1468602338 Fri 22-Jul-16 13:14:01

Also the first coat of tan wasn't properly dry before I put the second on,maybe that didn't help either

JonahAndTheSale Fri 22-Jul-16 13:49:36

I always had problems with St Tropez, no matter what I did it would look orange and streaky!

I now use this and it is completely flawless and so easy to apply.

macnab Fri 22-Jul-16 14:14:31

I use this Rimmel Mouse one and put it on for 2 nights, gives a lovely colour that lasts for ages. I think applying 2 coats in the one night might be too much? When I do it over two nights I never have any problems with patches or streaking etc.

FiveShelties Fri 22-Jul-16 21:08:41

Does the Rimmel come off on sheets macnab?

Ohchristmastreeohchristmastree Sat 23-Jul-16 07:00:16

When I fake tan I never moisturise before and I don't get a streaky result. However I do buff my knees ankles with a dry (old) towel after I apply my fake tan to soak up/buff off excess fake tan in those areas. It seems to work.

I have also noticed that in the winter when I don't fake tan my ankles/knees look slightly darker anyway, so don't worry about it too much.

I'd also recommend a mitt or just really taking your time and I do the backs of the hand tip too.

AuntieMaggie Sat 23-Jul-16 07:12:49

I would leave longer between the two coats too - an hour and a half isn't long enough and if it was a sweaty night that would affect it too

macnab Sat 23-Jul-16 09:02:28

Five no I haven't found that it does. But when I shower the next morning a lot of pigment comes off. It dries very quickly so you have to be really quick when applying it. It's cheap as chips and I really like the colour it gives and how long it lasts.

user1468602338 Sat 23-Jul-16 09:16:08

It's crazy because I paid £14 for st tropez but the dove one is £1.69 and gives no streaks.
I put another coat on last night and it seems to have evened it out a bit.
Will try it again with only 1 coat next week and no moisturiser and see if it's any better if not back to the cheap dove.

FiveShelties Sat 23-Jul-16 09:35:33

Thanks very much macnab - I will try it. smile

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