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Talk to me about bras please

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Desperate for bras and loathe bra shopping. I am going to town tomorrow and HAVE to come back with at least two bras -
plain black, with as little lace as possible (unpadded)
something to wear under white tops, ideally also unpadded

I suspect I'm about a 32FF. Any idea what I should be looking for, oh wise ones?

We have John Lewis, House of Fraser, M&S and Debenhams, although I'd rather avoid the latter because the staff are rude and they never have enough people on the till.

Madbengalmum Thu 21-Jul-16 20:50:01

I am a 30ff and tend to go for freya or fantasie bras, both by the same company. They fit well and wash well and are comfortable.

Thanks. Have had Fantasie before and do like them, but my last one seemed to die v quickly.

SansaClegane Thu 21-Jul-16 21:07:17

I'd use M&S as a starting point. Take various sizes of the same style to try on as they all vary a bit. They have a good selection of non-padded bras, and a large "DD+" section, although most of those are hideous!

poorbuthappy Thu 21-Jul-16 21:10:11

Get on Brastop.

I'd say John Lewis is your best bet, followed by Debenhams and House of Fraser - personally I don't rate M&S bras at all especially for larger cup sizes as I don't think they scale them well.

Used to have a lot of M&S ones, but finding it increasingly difficult to find anything in there.

Also, how do I know if something actually fits? Tried identical bras in identical sizes last week, and one felt as if it fit and the other looked too big!

Well, I tried about 30 on and found ONE that I liked the fit of. Would have bought several of them but of course they only had one in my size!

Any recs for a t-shit bra that doesn't look as if it could be used as a cannon sling in a medieval battle, please?

What did you buy that worked

Just a bog standard black Fantasie one, v plain. Can't see it online.

Did you try others from either fantasie or Freya? Both made by same company so similar cuts and both have t shirt bras

I tried loads of Fantasies and Freyas, but only this one fit properly, was comfortable, didn't have loads of lace and didn't look like two halved footballs each as big as my head.

Unfortunately that's the general form of t shirt bras!

Cleo do the maddie which is a wide and shallow half cup t shirt bra, curvy Kate do the smoothie too. They're less common in shops but might work

leedy Fri 22-Jul-16 14:27:12

The Maddie is amazing if you're the right shape for it. Gives a lovely shape, not frilly, smooth under clothes, very comfortable. It's my go-to everyday bra.

KatharinaRosalie Fri 22-Jul-16 15:11:56

If Freya and Fantasie fit you but you don't want the massive cup shape, look for Freya deco half-cup. Not any of the other Deco's, they are all big - the half cup has a lot less coverage.

KatharinaRosalie Fri 22-Jul-16 15:13:29

Freya deco of course, not dreya

Thanks, all. I didn't like the Freyas. Fantasie definitely seemed to work best for me, but the t-shirt bras were enormous, and v expensive too. Might have to wait for an offer!

blodynmawr Fri 22-Jul-16 16:04:32

This Fantasie is my favourite everyday bra.
Debenhams sometimes sells them, as do independent boutiques, if you are looking for a non-internet option!
Agree with Statistically about M&S sizing - their DD+ sizing is a complete lottery. I am an FF or G cup in Fantasie or Freya brands but usually need a H cup in M&S and even then the fit is never quite right. Shame because their styles are pretty and reasonably priced.
HTH smile

I think that might be the one I bought. Looks v similar anyway. smile

leedy Fri 22-Jul-16 16:29:27

I have only found one or two bras that fit me properly in M&S (the Rosie for Autograph silk plunges seem to work) and the sizing was indeed very odd - I'm a really bog standard size, normally a 32DD, or a 34D in styles with a very tight band, had to go to a 30E in the M&S one to get enough support in the band and TBH I could have gone for an F if the style had come in it. Also most of their styles don't suit my shape, so they dig in at the sides and gape in the middle. As blodyn said, it's a pity as they have some pretty bras.

cressetmama Fri 22-Jul-16 16:35:48

If there's an independent bra shop anywhere near you, it might be worth asking if they have the Chantelle range. IMO, Hedona is the best T-shirt bra ever, provided the fit suits you. They wear and wash well. Mine go in the machine on a 30C wash, in a bra bag, and are still fine after several years, which is some consolation for the £40 price tag.

SatsukiKusakabe Fri 22-Jul-16 16:50:01

I've just got new bras from Next (having sale), first underwired since I stopped breastfeeding and I am so happy with them. I'm 32E and they had a lot of different options so might be worth a look as they are great for ordering and returning.

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