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Pale Foundations

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GloriousGusset Thu 21-Jul-16 11:42:36

I'm sure this has been done to death but what are your favourite foundations for the very pale? None of your 'I'm pale and I wear Bourjois'. Bourjois is many shades too dark for me!

Urban Decay Weightless Foundation in 0.5 - good colour but I don't like the thin, runny consistency.

Illamasqua Skin Base in 0.2 - great colour but impossible to blend. Makes my dry skin look greasy.

Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia - WAY too yellow. I look Simpsons-esque.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in shade 1 - pretty good colour match but so hard to blend!

Missha BB cream in 13 - good and pale but doesn't seem to 'set'.

GloriousGusset Thu 21-Jul-16 11:45:57

Oh and my favourite cheap foundation (and which is better than any of the ones listed above!) is Seventeen Stay Time Foundation which goes amazingly pale for a high street foundation. The coverage is just a bit too heavy for my liking.

I'm guessing I'm not a million miles off as I wear the same shade in the urban decay- totally agree re wateriness! I'm also cool toned so yellowness is an issue.

Lancome tient idle 24h in shade 005 is my staple, it's pink toned. I've also got the ysl touche eclat in beige rose - can check shade number when I get home - which works colour wise bit doesn't last or have enough coverage for me. Their heavier one - something ink- is a bit mask like but ok.

I've got a laura mercier on my wishlist, and Mars radiant creamy concealer in vanilla works for me so might be worth trying that.

SpikeWithoutASoul Thu 21-Jul-16 13:09:37

Only one pale enough for me.

JamieVardysParty Thu 21-Jul-16 13:17:00

My best friend has very very pale skin and always struggled to find foundation.

I bought her the MAC F&B foundation in white which she now mixes with other foundations to get the right shade. Lasts a long time too.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 21-Jul-16 13:22:57

Lily Lolo do very very pale shades.

GloriousGusset Thu 21-Jul-16 14:11:01

Ah Statistically I haven't tried the Lancome one. Will seek out a sample at the weekend. I'm cool toned too so that sounds like a possible match.

Mapless Thu 21-Jul-16 14:20:56

Lancome Teint Visionnaire in 005. I'm v v pale and neutral toned. I like the attached concealer in the same colour. I also use it with Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlighter for the eye area in 1N neutral.

Sounds like Lancome might have the same shade in a few foundations then.
Pale girl problems...don't get me started on trying to find appropriate contour and highlighters!!

JustGettingStarted Thu 21-Jul-16 14:35:16

If you're in a beauty hall, check out Dior Air flash. They've got a couple of very pale shades and I have to say it's the best foundation I've ever tried. I put it on with a big puffy brush. The coverage is very good but it's nearly invisible on the skin.

Mrs9C Thu 21-Jul-16 16:14:40

Estee Lauder Cool Bone, there is also one shade lighter, which is the lightest one they do, and super pale.

Toxicity Thu 21-Jul-16 16:47:16

See if you can get a sample of the lightest shade of Dior Nude (I think its something like 010).

As the PP said, Estee Lauder to some really good pale shades too, might be worth checking them out?

hollinhurst84 Thu 21-Jul-16 16:53:44

You sound cool toned
Try Nars in Mont Blanc, dollish veil vita BB cream in purple (eBay), make up forever HD foundation in 110, or Chanel les beiges in 10

hollinhurst84 Thu 21-Jul-16 16:54:35

Oh and Mac in NW 10 or 13. I use the waterweight one but various available
NC will be too yellow tones on you

gonegrey56 Thu 21-Jul-16 17:01:17

YSL Fusion ink in B10
Lily Lolo in Blondie or Porcelain (latter is palest)
Estée Lauder Doublewear light in shade 0.5 (not everywhere stocks this shade)

The YSL one is my absolute favourite . I am very pale. Celtic freckly skin .

cheeseandmarmite15 Thu 21-Jul-16 17:04:06

Try Laval. Palest of the pale they even make a white shade!

nanetterose Thu 21-Jul-16 17:05:36

Liz Earle tinted moisturiser in the lightest is very pale , and easily soaks into the skin. Same with the foundation. I'm very fair. pink undertones.

UnderseaPineapple Thu 21-Jul-16 17:33:10

Urban Decay are releasing a new foundation soon called The All Nighter. It is a lot thicker than the original and the shades are the same. Its out in the US now and will be here on the 1st September.

Burberry foundations go pretty pale - No 11, Porcelain in the Cashmere And Fresh Glow foundations is fairly pale and pink toned.

If you live in or near London, go to Charles Fox in Covent Garden and get a Kryolan foundation. They do every shade you could think of in all finishes from sheer to full coverage stick.

Illamasqua Skinbase needs a rich moisturiser underneath it and even then it still looks a bit shit. Maqpro mixer and Chanel Le Blanc are the only two products that I've used successfully to get SB to behave. Their Light Liquid Foundation is so much better for personal/every day use.

Collymollypuff Thu 21-Jul-16 17:36:17

Dr Hauschka seem to have stopped their 00 shade, and 01 is far too dark for me. I shall try some of your suggestions, thanks.

Scoose Thu 21-Jul-16 17:42:22

I always use Dior star foundation in Ivory I love it!

Ilovetea82 Thu 21-Jul-16 18:43:28

Laura mercier is very good
I can't get a Estée Lauder double base pale enough for me.
Mac also usually are worth a look

Chipsahoy Thu 21-Jul-16 18:53:26

Lily lolo in porcelain, many of the others mentioned are too dark for me. Lily lolo is only one pale enough for me.

GloriousGusset Fri 22-Jul-16 10:48:27

Thanks so much for all the suggestions! Will be in town tomorrow and will try and snaffle as many samples of those foundations you've all suggested. I've always thought MAC foundations were really orange but I haven't even looked at their recent-ish NW10 foundation so will definitely give that a whirl.

Undersea I'd never have thought of Burberry even though I have a couple of their lipsticks and love them! Duh.

And thanks hollinhurst84 I'd meant to test Makeup Forever now that it's at Debenhams. That might be a goer.

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