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Fat arms: is it OK to wear a collared shirt over a sleeveless dress?

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bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:20:56

I'm quite a tall size 18 - 20, a weight-lifting fan, and a sun-avoider (grew up where tanning is a bad idea because of strong sun). So I generally avoid sleeveless dresses, but bought this one, which really tickled my fancy:

It's too hot to wear a jacket with it, but I was wondering if it would be OK to wear a shirt like this one:

I did a bit of a Google search, but don't see anyone wearing shirts over dresses. I have to attend a charity dinner (not too fancy, but casually dressy) and would love some advice to save me from my usual habit of getting it horribly wrong when dressing for events in the UK!

ParisGellar Thu 21-Jul-16 11:25:10

I actually think that would look really good. I expected to say no until I saw the photos!

thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:28:38

I have a very lightweight denim shirt for this purpose too, goes with everything

MiddleClassProblem Thu 21-Jul-16 11:30:58

I've never thought about doing this! I might get one too now

SpinnakerInTheEther Thu 21-Jul-16 11:31:25

Yes, I think shirts over dresses can often look good.

bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:31:28

Thank you very much, ParisGellar and thenewaveragebear1983! Glad to hear it.

The photo at the link where the shirt is shows someone wearing the shirt over a bikini, but I've never seen anyone wearing a shirt over a sleeveless dress on the street, so I figured it must be unacceptable. Anyway, you guys approve, so I will go for it.

Lj8893 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:36:41

Yes I think it could work. I often wear a denim shirt over dresses.

FinnFamilyMoomintroll Thu 21-Jul-16 11:37:56

I think that would look fine as an outfit but it says beach to me rather than charity dinner.

What about a kimono top instead? Still light/floaty but a little bit more formal. Something like this maybe?

bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:41:13

FinnFamilyMoomintroll, I like that idea a lot. I think beachy would be OK, as long as it isn't too casual. The people who are running the dinner are into a sort of dressy–casual style.

WhatTheActualFugg Thu 21-Jul-16 11:43:54


I love that dress and have been tempted but fear at 5' 3" this is going to be about a foot too long!!

burnishedsilver Thu 21-Jul-16 11:46:59

I think a little lightweight cardigan would look better with the dress.

Mycraneisfixed Thu 21-Jul-16 12:11:30

I'm a size 20 and have fat arms (and everywhere else ) but I still wear sleeveless dresses and tops and manage to look presentable. Why do people obsess about their armfat?!

bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:11:33

WhatTheActualFugg, yes, unfortunately, many of the reviews of the dress say it's too long. It's perfect for me at 5'8.

bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:13:40

Mycraneisfixed, mine is quite unsightly because I have stretch marks and quite loose skin on the inside of my upper arms. When I was a child, I grew very suddenly. I also have a marked farmer's tan from wearing short-sleeved T-shirts. Trust me, it's a problem.

It drives me nuts that there aren't more short-sleeved dresses available. In this heat it isn't fun to wear a cover-up.

MiddleClassProblem Thu 21-Jul-16 12:15:52

If you don't feel confident with a body part then it's understandable to cover it up. Most people have some area they don't like getting out.

bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:18:09

Thanks, MiddleClassProblem. I don't like to make a big deal of it, but I feel much better with a covering.

Mycraneisfixed Thu 21-Jul-16 12:19:02

I was trying to be supportive but that may not have come across. flowers

bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:20:37

No worries, Mycraneisfixed. I wish I had your body confidence. It makes me happy to know you're out there dressing how you please!

MiddleClassProblem Thu 21-Jul-16 12:42:16

Sorry, mycrane. I read it as "get over it" rather than "it doesn't matter/own it"

GailLondon Thu 21-Jul-16 13:33:24

Lovely dress!

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Thu 21-Jul-16 14:44:52

Lovely dress op! I don't know if the white one you linked to would work as well as a light denim one tb completely h... It would definitely be nice though.

I am a 14/16 now but even when I am smaller I just don't really suit sleeveless dresses. Some people who are much bigger really do. I think it's more about shape than size. My shoulders and back are quite rounded and my arms and legs are really slim (compared to the rest of me) except for the very top. Also my bra strap pokes out in sleeveless tops and dresses. Other people tell me I suit short or even capped sleeves a lot more than sleeveless too so it's not just my personal hang ups.

cheeseandmarmite15 Thu 21-Jul-16 18:15:37

I quite like the 1990s trend of wearing a fitted t shirt under a sleeveless dress. I do this now I'm older.

Destinysdaughter Thu 21-Jul-16 19:17:44

What about a light shawl to cover your shoulders?

areyoubeingserviced Thu 21-Jul-16 19:27:19

What about a bolero shrug ?

bzz7 Thu 21-Jul-16 19:32:46

Thanks everyone; those are great ideas too. I don't know where I'd get a shawl where I live. Wish I could crochet!

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