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I love COS but...

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lollypoppy123 Wed 20-Jul-16 22:08:08

... what's with all the asymmetrical dresses? Is it just me or are they unflattering and difficult to wear?

phoolani Wed 20-Jul-16 22:34:39

I'm inclined to agree, but have you tried them on? So much of cos looks unflattering on the hanger but is lovely on.

lollypoppy123 Wed 20-Jul-16 23:04:01

Yes. Millions of them. They are always perfect in every way except the hemline. sad

ZaraW Thu 21-Jul-16 08:50:34

I'm tall and quite slim they work for me, I love COS.

I like asymmetrical stuff but all of the dresses in Cos are a million times too long for me.

Flippertygib Thu 21-Jul-16 12:01:48

I think COS is hit or miss. I have some lovely pieces from them and then have to go months and months before I see anything that looks wearable. I've never like asymmetrical clothing - too "gimmicky" IMO.

ZaraW Thu 21-Jul-16 12:54:33

I wouldn't say it's gimmicky Helmut Lang has been doing it for years. I'm too poor to shop there that's why I stick to COS.

GailLondon Thu 21-Jul-16 13:16:11

I tried a couple of COS dresses and they look like an unflattering sack on me sad
I'm a size 12 curvy hourglass figure. Is all the COS stuff best suited to willowy types?

ZansForCans Thu 21-Jul-16 14:43:03

Gail I really like the look of the sack-like dresses on other people, but they don't work on me at all either (tall, but pear-shaped and not willowy!) I need a waist/fitted shape. Still love Cos though - I have lovely jewellery and fitted things from there, like a wool miniskirt.

Ineedmorelemonpledge Thu 21-Jul-16 14:51:45

They have a lot of styles that suit Apple shapes but I agree they don't design to flatter curves...

I'm an hourglass but am wearing a sleeveless cotton sack dress today. It's probably not at all flattering but it's spectacularly comfortable and cool in the heat.

GloriousGusset Thu 21-Jul-16 15:18:21

I'm un-Cos-able. You need to be tall and angular. I'm tall enough but angles are in short supply.

polyhymnia Thu 21-Jul-16 15:56:29

I like them. And I'm tall and hourglass.

CaoNiMa Thu 21-Jul-16 16:35:03

COS = gulag clothes.

libertydoddle Thu 21-Jul-16 16:38:57

I like Cos and I am average height and pear shaped. Agree it's hit and miss though. I often try on up to 15 items to find one that works. Quality is generally excellent.

OjosCansados Thu 21-Jul-16 16:57:53

Cos stuff would flatter me as I'm tall and angular, but there is very little of it that I would care to wear. It's all a bit boring and uninspiring, as if the wearer has surrendered herself to a life of shapeless sackcloth. The colours are drab and meh too. Even the young models don't look good in it. But then I think a lot of current trendy stuff is like this: &other stories, finery, even a lot of the me+em range... They're all the same. I much prefer Baukjen and sometimes All Saints - styles are edgier and colours are more interesting. Great quality too. I like Hush but quality hit and miss.

Just my twopenneth worth! 😄

JohnCheese Thu 21-Jul-16 18:55:21

5'6" pear and no, I don't think I'm Cos' target customer. However, I do have a few bits and I wear and wear them. Always lovely. But but but I have had miserable trying on days there. Miserable I tell you.
I am getting better at picking stuff there.

My friend is taller and angular (shoulders a tiny bit wider than hips) and looks bloody gorgeous in their stuff.

ZansForCans Thu 21-Jul-16 19:06:34

Oh yes I know what you mean John. There's no Cos in my city so I only get to go the the actual shop (in a city 50 miles away) on rare occasions, and I always feel pushed for time. Sometimes I select a few things to try on and they all don't work and then I have to go, it's frustrating.

One day I'll devote an actual whole day off to a Cos trip!

Kennington Thu 21-Jul-16 19:27:34

I like it but I am shaped like a boy with a narrow pelvis
Whether it looks any good is another matter.

witsender Thu 21-Jul-16 19:40:51

What is their sizing like?

libertydoddle Thu 21-Jul-16 19:47:30

Sizing can be strange there. I am fairly standard 12 in most tops and have both size small and medium in Cos tops. I have never managed to get trousers or skirts as the 12 are tight on my hips but 14 too big on the waist. Generally I am OK with size 12 dresses but could size down in their more sack like dresses.

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