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Avoiding the Sweaty Betty look - How to Stay Fresh Please?

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pinkskyinthecity Wed 20-Jul-16 20:02:44

With this mini heatwave we're having temporarily, I'm getting hot n' bothered when I'm out working. I've started to wear a floppy straw hat so that my head stays moderately cooler, but the creases and folds on the body is all sweaty and sticky. As I'm a bus-user, I travel everywhere to my appts. in my job, but it isn't nice sitting next to someone who's also sweating too (ewww). The thread recently about a deodorant someone's mentioned that sprays aren't really that effective and
most replies were from stick or roll-on users. Do I switch to these then?
I do wear mostly cotton loose fitting clothes and lately, I've switched to dresses and skirts. I thought about getting a facial mister but I'm not sure if these are good or not, or is it just a spritz and cools you for a min. or so before it dries off. And,does it ruin make-up? I've noticed that my eye make-up has slid off before midday in this heat.
Also, I'm come out in a couple of nasty big spots on the neck which I can't get rid of. It's not a good look...
How do you get round to staying cool? (other than drive to work with the air con on full blast.. and no, I don't get that at my office as we have to rely on shared fans).

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 20-Jul-16 22:24:17

What about some of those cologne wipes (I think 4711 do some)
Years ago on holiday in Turkey they had bottles of lemon cologne which was lovely and refreshing.

I have the Superdrug spray water, it works to give an instant cool but I don't wear make up.

Rinse your wrists under the tap.

Black is IMO the worst thing to wear , I saw so many people today dressed head to toe in black. I have to wear black trousers for work, but it's not a colour I wear alot by choice.

I don't like spray deo/anti-p , it seems to miss the skin confused

rightknockered Wed 20-Jul-16 23:36:44

forget eye make up, just wear waterproof mascara
a powder foundation compact, and blotting off the oily bits every so often
bright lipstick and big shades
loose cotton dresses (let me know when you find some)
flat sandals/mules
definitely roll on deo
carry baby wipes in your bag
this is all I've got
pray that its over soon

timegate Wed 20-Jul-16 23:47:44

Get sure Maximum protection roll on deodorant. I promise you you will not smell

Agree re sure maximum, it's brilliant.

Make up wise I'm currently trying out the urban decay all nighters setting spray and it seems to be coping with the heat and my oily skin

pinkskyinthecity Thu 21-Jul-16 20:21:22

Oh thank the gods that the clouds came today, and what a contrast it is compared to the last few days...

Okay, I'll switch to a roll-on. I've recently bought a cheap 'waterproof' eyeliner pen but hope it does come off eventually. I don't wear mascara nor foundation or compact but do need to pencil in my v. sparse and feint eyebrows. Is there a brand that you can recommend? I

pinkskyinthecity Thu 21-Jul-16 20:23:59

And no, I'm not daft enough to wear black. All my summer clothes are lighter colours compared to the winter wardrobe I have. It seems that some people still wear their black skinnies or leggings... why??? obviously, the want to continue with the trend and not think about practicalities...(just my penny's worth...)

Madbengalmum Thu 21-Jul-16 20:52:46

Another vote for sure maximum, brilliant stuff.
Also talcum powder is helpful to keep you dry and comfortable.

MaryMarigold Thu 21-Jul-16 20:57:54

For brows that stay put, the Stila brow pen is excellent. I even wear it to swim!

Pidgythe2nd Thu 21-Jul-16 22:21:51

Driclor deodorant!
Brilliant stuff. No sweat whatsoever.
I use a bit of talc on hot days too which helps.

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