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Does this kind of slip exist?

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GinAndOnIt Wed 20-Jul-16 14:04:33

I need something to wear under an outfit that is a little see through. I do have a hideous dress thing that is tight like Spanx, but the top half doesn't work with the outfit.

So, it needs to be fairly short in length as the skirt I'm wearing is a wrap skirt, and may blow open a little higher than one would like. But it would also be good if it could be maybe a bandeau dress. But with a low back. And tight fitting rather than a floaty petticoat. Bloody hell, writing this down makes me realise how impossible a task it will be.

I could maybe just have a skirt and then something else to cover the nipples. I don't need much support for boobs as they're almost non existent just need to avoid the see through-ness.

Please help!

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