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Grey bag

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4forksake Wed 20-Jul-16 10:20:41

Any recommendations for a grey bag? Love the coach scout hobo bags but they don't seem to do one on grey, so looking for something similar. Not sure what shade of grey I'm after (like both light & darker). TIA>

burnishedsilver Wed 20-Jul-16 12:36:04

Mint Velvet is the home of grey hobo bags. They are kind of between seasons at the moment so the selection isn't great. It should be better in a few weeks.

I have a few of their bags. They are lovely soft leather and nice designs but are not in the same league as Coach in terms of longevity. I am very hard on bags and get about a year out of a MV bag. My Coach bags seem to last forever.

Dancergirl Wed 20-Jul-16 12:55:23

Have you tried Russell and Bromley? They seemed to have quite a lot of grey.

4forksake Wed 20-Jul-16 13:57:17

Thanks. I really love the coach bags & I'm really tempted with the navy one in the sale (love the lighter ones too but not sure how practical they'd be) but have it in my head that I want a grey one grin. Might get one of the others & hope they might bring one out one in grey. Will look at the other suggestions too. Thanks.

Dancergirl Wed 20-Jul-16 14:03:00

Which coach bag are you considering OP?

4forksake Wed 20-Jul-16 14:13:03

This one dancer, but can't decide which colour (out of the ones in the sale)

Dancergirl Wed 20-Jul-16 15:21:08

That's gorgeous sake

Everyonelovessparkles Wed 20-Jul-16 15:26:19

I've got that in the navy. I can recommend it. I really like it and think it's nicer IRL than in the photo.

Everyonelovessparkles Wed 20-Jul-16 15:30:02

there's this one in the radley sale. I know radley sometimes gets a knocking but I've always found them hard wearing and now they seem to have de-dogged them they don't seem as naff. Not sure if it's quite what you're looking for though...grey bag

Dancergirl Wed 20-Jul-16 15:49:59

everyone is the leather soft on the coach one?

Everyonelovessparkles Wed 20-Jul-16 16:19:10

It's pretty soft and feels good quality. It doesn't seem as floppy in real life either. The leathe is textured but more subtle than it looks in the photos. It's a good size bag as well and feels like you can get a lot in it without it being too bulky.

Glitterspy Wed 20-Jul-16 16:28:45

Try Furla. I had a beautiful soft grey bag from there years ago. Really good value for the quality too.

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