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The mystery of the bag....

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Ouchiebum Wed 20-Jul-16 06:34:29

Style gurus please help. I'm coming up to 40 and was looking for a new bag. I saw a brand recommended on a thread on here and now can't find it and neglected to save the website.

I'm pretty sure the brand was British, their bags were really simple with no twiddly bits, a largish leather shoulder bag was around £150.

The thread I saw it on was active in June. I've tried a search but no luck. The thread was someone searching for a bag (much like every other bag thread)!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Pantsalive Wed 20-Jul-16 10:36:58

You have to ignore the picture bags but their plain bags are lovely.

PNGirl Wed 20-Jul-16 11:02:21

Peony and Moore? They have just ceased trading though.

StewardsEnquiry Wed 20-Jul-16 11:05:08


AmberNectarine Wed 20-Jul-16 11:30:18

Village England

chanie44 Wed 20-Jul-16 12:11:44


witsender Wed 20-Jul-16 12:34:46


Ouchiebum Wed 20-Jul-16 13:15:52

None of the above. Thanks for the suggestions though.
Village England is closest in style

Was a really simple website just with bag pics no actual humans. Dunno if that helps jog anyone's memory.

Dancergirl Wed 20-Jul-16 13:16:55

Mimi Berry?

Catgirl83 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:49:28


RepentAtLeisure Wed 20-Jul-16 19:50:09

Modalu? They're British and the pricing fits. (Or did last time I looked.)

RepentAtLeisure Wed 20-Jul-16 19:52:50


wecantallbeperfect Wed 20-Jul-16 19:55:36

Was it this Russel and Bromley Hobo Bag

Ouchiebum Thu 21-Jul-16 06:03:04

Not modalu and not r and b

Thanks for suggestions, but still not there.

Mimiberry is closest so far

Any more ideas?

cheeseandmarmite15 Thu 21-Jul-16 06:20:31


Brillenbar Thu 21-Jul-16 06:31:48

Simple British made bags with no branding go for tusting quality is exceptional

Iwantawhippet Thu 21-Jul-16 06:43:52

Owen Barry? Made in Somerset.

Ouchiebum Thu 21-Jul-16 20:11:56

Nope. Not zatchels, Owen Barry or tusting

Thanks for the help everyone

UnikittyInHerBusinessSuit Thu 21-Jul-16 20:15:16

Just to rule out the bleeding obvious, not Radley, Dents or Osprey? Radley and Dents are fairly anonymous if you take off the charms.

MaryMarigold Thu 21-Jul-16 20:18:20

Are you sure it was British?

Could it have been Madewell?

frostyfingers Thu 21-Jul-16 20:57:20

Cambridge Satchel Company?

SilverHawk Thu 21-Jul-16 21:07:08


IdaDown Thu 21-Jul-16 22:36:08

Was it Toast?

AnnaFang Thu 21-Jul-16 23:06:10

Harriet Sanders?

AmberNectarine Thu 21-Jul-16 23:30:06


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