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Post pregnancy holiday clothes

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JacketPoTayTo Mon 18-Jul-16 22:50:57

I had my beautiful daughter a few weeks ago and it turns out I am definitely not one of those lucky ladies who snap back into shape! I put a fair bit of weight on during my pregnancy and am about a size 16 now, but it's my tummy that's the real problem area. I still look like I'm about 5 months pregnant and have also got the dreaded c section overhang.

I really need some pointers for holiday clothes that will help to disguise my blobbiness as much as possible. If it helps, I am in my twenties and favour a casual/easy to wear style. A typical outfit for me pre-preg would be skinny jeans, Converse sneakers and a flannel shirt over a vest top. Or if I was feeling particularly feminine, I might wear a tea dress. I also have a few vintage 50s and 60s dresses that I love. I can normally find something in Topshop I that I like.

I've been wearing my maternity jeans still or a pair of jogging bottoms with some massive t-shirts. These are fine for slobbing about the house but they are like tents and I think they are making me look even bigger than I actually am. I'm going on holiday to Devon at the start of September and I'd really like to get a few bits to wear. What sort of thing should I be looking for? What did you wear post-baby that you would recommend? I am also BFing so tops and dresses need to be easy-access.

TeamSteady Tue 19-Jul-16 10:44:59

My ds3 is 7 weeks old today and i'm in exactly the same spot, put on 4 and a bit stone in pg, and still just under 2 stone to lose...

I don't have a particularly good answer.... I'm trying to avoid buying too much as i need motivation to make an effort to lose the weight. I still look a bit pregnant... I've been doing vest tops and hareem pants, as they are so so comfy for sobbing about in and don't look as slovenly on me as tracks and a baggy t shirt. When it's been less hot I've slipped a lose t shirt over the top to try and disguise the tummy but its just too hot this week. The last two days I've work skater style summer dresses that skim over the tummy... still look crap compared to how they did last summer

Gah! V jealous of those women who just snap back naturally.... envy

Blueberryblueberry Tue 19-Jul-16 11:43:54

Floaty type tops? I've got a couple of loose longish tops from white stuff/fat face that I bought when I was early pregnancy last year as wasn't big enough for proper mat stuff in the summer and they are great for breastfeeding, nice and cool also. Can wear with jeans, leggings, shorts. Added bonus that due to the style they'll probably still fit even if you do loose weight. Mine are fine now and I'm back to a size 10/12 but I wore them with a baby bump last year. Am wearing one today with loose knee length denim shorts and birkies but it's also quite easy to dress up a bit if I want to look smarter. There was also a post on here a couple of weeks ago about a shapewear slip thing from sainsburys. Basically a tight underdress slip thing that goes under boobs. Holds everything in, allows access to boobs as you wear your normal (nursing) bra but gives coverage when lifting up dresses/long tops/short-dresses-worn-as-a-top. I got a nude coloured one and a black one and its meant I've been able to bring a few tops/dresses out of breast feeding retirement! Wouldn't want to wear them when it's boiling but they're really useful smile

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