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Favourite facial oil - recommendations ?

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didireallysaythat Mon 18-Jul-16 22:42:54

I'm currently enjoying Liz Earle's superskin oil (lavender fan) but I fancy a change for the next bottle. I'm 45, average skin, and use oil at night.

ThinkPinkStink Mon 18-Jul-16 22:44:55

I use Neal's Yard Rose Facial Oil, it's excellent for night time use (too oily for day time). It's feels really rich and pampersome (not a word). It is quite highly perfumed though, so only suitable if you're a fan of rose scent.

JAB2012 Mon 18-Jul-16 22:49:23

I really like Sanctuary spa therapist's secret facial oil. The Body shop vitamin e serum in oil is also really good.

AddToBasket Mon 18-Jul-16 22:49:42

Clairins Blue Lotus Oil - amazing

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Mon 18-Jul-16 22:53:45

There is No Blue Lotus.
One is Blue Orchid or Lotus.

goiaba Mon 18-Jul-16 22:57:49

Sisley Black Rose Oil. I know it's expensive but it's such a beautiful oil, a real treat to the skin.

AddToBasket Mon 18-Jul-16 23:19:46

Oh, er, I get whichever is the oily skin one. It also smells v relaxing.

PollysPoppy Mon 18-Jul-16 23:21:59

I'm using Laura Mercier Rose Oil and like it.

Expellibramus Mon 18-Jul-16 23:28:09

Sanctuary Facialist's Secret here too, it's one of the few things I repurchase and one of the cheaper products I use too.

Piscivorus Mon 18-Jul-16 23:29:03

Nirvana Spa make a facial oil called Celestial. I got one as a gift recently and it is incredible

ZacharyQuack Tue 19-Jul-16 00:24:37

Trilogy Rosehip
Clarins Blue Orchid
Antipodes Joyous (it's called a "serum" but it feels like an oil and smells amazing)

peachlife Tue 19-Jul-16 06:50:20

Currently use Balance Me which I really like....just bought Emma Hardie cleansing balm (which is great!) so I'm going to try her facial oil next....

lastnightiwenttomanderley Tue 19-Jul-16 06:56:36

Another one here for trilogy rosehip!

Though the celestial one piscivorus refers to is indeed glorious! Now I'm remembering the pre ds days when DH and I has membership at nirvana and would bob around for an hour every other day sad

Nabootique Tue 19-Jul-16 08:34:30

Sunday Riley Artemis, which they are fucking discontinuing!
Caudalie C15 Overnight Oil
MV Organics Instant Revival Booster
Pretty much all the Odacite ones, although they are marketed more as serums.

Lottapianos Tue 19-Jul-16 13:06:19

Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse or Botanics Facial Oil - use at night. Both smell gorgeous and make skin look very glowy the next day

botemp Tue 19-Jul-16 14:36:26

The Pai Rosehip Oil is a really great value for money. I prefer the Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Facial Oil from Pai though.

I absolutely love the MV Organics Oils, the feel, scents, and high quality of raw ingredients really set them apart.

The rose plus booster is brilliant as is the 9 oil cleansing tonic which admittedly has a really confusing name for the product, you can OCM with it but it is a beautiful oil blend for normal use.

Their jojoba oil is really great too but less of a sumptuous pampering oil and more a really great all round product.

Nabootique I have a deluxe sample of the Artemis, do you want it? I had a terrible reaction from it after only one use so it's been sitting idle ever since.

Nabootique Tue 19-Jul-16 14:46:25

Wow, really botemp? Would you like anything in return? My first born, perhaps?? grin That would be amazingly kind of you, thank you. It's such a shame as I put off buying it for so, so long, probably almost two years, because it was so expensive!

I also love the 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic (so relaxing to use) and jojoba oils from MV Organics.

Kennington Tue 19-Jul-16 16:52:38

Pure grapeseed oil
Amazing results and no clogged pores!

BestIsWest Tue 19-Jul-16 19:20:15

Neal's Yard Frankincense or Rose are both lovely.

DarkBlueEyes Tue 19-Jul-16 19:21:21

Trilogy Rosehip oil, it's fab. The Sanctuary one is also good and I like Decleor oils too.

Marylou2 Tue 19-Jul-16 19:27:50

Sunday Riley Luna Oil alternated with Clarins Lotus at night. Sometime I put a drop of the Clarins in my day cream during the winter if I feel very dry.

QueenofLouisiana Tue 19-Jul-16 19:42:30

Darphin camomile. Lovely for bedtime. I use it after their rosewood cleanser.

reader77 Tue 19-Jul-16 19:43:26

una Brennan rose oil and boots botanicals are nice

botemp Tue 19-Jul-16 21:00:08

Nabootique keep your first born! I'm awfully suspicious as to how keen you are to get rid of them wink. PM me where you want it sent to and I'll pop it in the post.

The 9 Oil cleansing tonic is such a lovely pick me up, isn't it? My skin is always addictingly soft the day after. I've recently discovered it's brilliant to use before a sheet mask. Within their line it's quite good value for money but it's far too confusing a product for most, I only just managed to stop a friend who I recommended it to from using it as an oil cleanser to remove makeup with shock.

signalred Tue 19-Jul-16 22:56:25

I love Pai Rosehip Oil, love it!!!

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