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Beauty routines?

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RavioliOnToast Mon 18-Jul-16 20:18:29

What are your diy beauty routines that you do on a weekly basis?

I try to remember to wax my tash every 2 weeks. My legs every 4.

I am sat currently with coconut oil on my hair and will do my feet tonight with S&G foot buffer. Would like to make this a weekly routine.

Will hopefully remember to sleep with coconut oil on feet tonight and then do a gel pedi tomorrow.

I must start squeezing a face mask in there at some point.

What are your little and often diy beauty routines that help make you feel 'together'? I've put a fair bit of weight on lately and would like to at least look groomed, if fat.

Smokeyrobinson Mon 18-Jul-16 22:20:43

Hi. I too am fat but very well groomed!! Once a week - I use facial scrub and apply moisturising mask, also body scrub. I check eyebrows every other day for strays. Every 2-3 weeks I epilate tache, legs and underarms. Weekly I also use electric shaver on bikini line and buff feet with a foot file then moisturise and wear socks overnight so cream sinks in.

Non DIY - I have regular appointments for shellac on finger and toe nails. Daily I wear make-up and always style my hair - wouldn't be without my Babyliss Big Hair which gives me volume and bounce.

I'm no raving beauty but people often express surprise at how old I really am when I tell them I'm 57 so it does pay off. Sick of being overweight though. sad

Tessticklesyourfancy Mon 18-Jul-16 22:36:02

Daily hair wash and condition deep condition once a week.
Colour my roots every 3/4 weeks
Shave legs under arm etc daily
Use a loofa and body lotion daily
Pluck eyebrows weekly plus checing mist days for stray hairs
Fe nails weekly, removed shellac today, horrible stuff that I won't have done again.
Foot file twice a week but could do with more as they're still hoof like, paint toe nails every couple of weeks

Facial exfoliate and mask twice a week.
Always wear make up for work but not often when just at home

goiaba Mon 18-Jul-16 23:32:48

Sundays are usually my beauty day. I exfoliate the face (Sisley face scrub) and body (any of the body scrubs from The Body Shop), use a deeply cleansing shampoo (bumble and bumble sunday shampoo) and follow-up with a hair mask (any of the L'oreal ones).

I also do a face mask depending on how my skin feels (if oily I use Origins Black Charcoal, if a bit dehydrated I use Sisley Black Rose).

I do a manicure myself once a week and a pedicure every couple of weeks.

I do use makeup every day for work, but can spend the whole weekend without using it. On the other hand I'm quite strict with my skin care routine: cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, plus sunscreen every morning.

Kateallison16 Tue 19-Jul-16 00:51:48


Detox bath made with pink himylayan sea salts, dead sea salt and pure cocoa butter.
This exfoliates, helps any dry skin conditions and they butter helps smooth the skin.
Sometimes, I will skip this and use a Lush bomb, melt and bubble bar.

Face mask, one homemade with Oats, pure honey and water. Sometimes I use mushed avacado and argon oil. It all depends on what my skin needs at the time. I do have some bottled store bought/spa bought ones but i do love making my own.

Exfoliate all over using a sugar scrub by the body shop, really easy to make your own though with coconut oil and sugar. A Scrubbie and shower gel will do the same job.

I mix pure argon oil in with a plain conditioner and slather it over my hair while dry. I walk around like that for a couple of hours before I jump in the shower.
Always use hair protection once out if using heat tools. Try your hair on cold air! Less damage + more shine.

Moisturise hands using facial anti aging cream. Yes its more expensive but it works a treat once a week. Also paint and nails and toenails. Im into chrome at the moment.

Daily facial routine:


Micellar water cleanser
Eye gel
Anti ageing day cream
Eye balm tinted
Anti ageing primer
Anti ageing BB cream


Micellar cleansing water
Eye gel
Anti ageing night cream

Lottapianos Tue 19-Jul-16 15:05:17

Ravioli, which product do you use for your at home waxing?

I do a manicure every week, pedicure every week in the summer, every 2 weeks in the winter
Tint eye brows every 1-2 weeks
Body scrub 1-2 times a week
Body lotion every day
Acid toner on face every other day
Double cleanse every evening, single cleanse in the morning
Facial oil every evening
Night cream (good old Astral) before bed

ppeatfruit Tue 19-Jul-16 17:04:16

Ravioli and Smokey You both mentioned you'd like to lose a bit of weight . I lost nearly 3 stone (my target!) with Paul Mckenna , it's the best way of eating EVER. Not a diet as such.

Anyhow Once a week I have an Epsom salt hot bath, with a few drops of rosemary or sage essential oil in it, after exfoliating. Shave armpits and legs. (in the summer) Then use lavender ess. oil as a deodorant for the dryness.

I pluck my eyebrows and facial hair every week. (use Ttree on my skin to stop the pink spots afterwards.)

I 'oil pull' before cleaning my teeth every other morning. That is amazing for whiteness.

I put cream on my hands then wear cotton gloves to bed. I use Weleda zinc and calendula cream on spots and redness, that is fabulous. A Light Dr Haushcka (sp)? night cream on my face.

RavioliOnToast Tue 19-Jul-16 17:30:59

lotta I've got a salon wax heater and warm wax. I bought it when I was training at college and now I just use it myself grin

These all sound fab. I'm going to have a face mask tonight. I'm so sweating after today I'll need to shower again but I'll make sure I do it after I've waxed to wash the stickiness off. I didn't end up doing anything last night as I fell asleep, I was so tired!

I want my acrylics back on sad it's the upkeep that's putting me off.

ppeat I've just downloaded mfp to see if that'll help at all. I'm just so run down at the moment I just want to eat absolute shite. I'm being tested tomorrow for an underactive thyroid. Hopefully if that's what it is I can get some meds to sort me out and give me a bit more energy

ephemeralfairy Tue 19-Jul-16 18:45:24

I cleanse with a cream cleanser morning and night (Clarins anti-pollution cleanser, smells lovely and feels very soothing) Rub into dry skin, massage, take off with flannel or muslin cloth. I use a mildly acidic toner (Boots Botanics) and then Botanics serum and Clarins daycream. Same at night, but I use Botanics nightcream.

Once or twice a week I use Clarins exfoliating lotion at night, and if my skin feels dry I cleanse with a balm/oil cleanser like Ultrabland and then use argan oil.

I want to start doing a mask regularly but can't find one I really like...
Any recommendations? My skin is on the dry side, with occasional hormonal spots and the odd bit of cystic acne.

purpleviolet1 Tue 19-Jul-16 19:09:03

Recommend the body shop oat face mask. Great for hydration and also smoother skin.

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