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Deodorant recommendation

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CaitAgusMadra Mon 18-Jul-16 09:27:10

Not the most glam S&B thread but any good deodorant recommendations?

I've used Mitchum roll-on for years but for some reason find its not been working as well for the last few months

HappyHeart87 Mon 18-Jul-16 09:31:45

I enjoy the Mitchum cream stick thingy.

Though if it's getting serious up in there, you could try Odaban (off the tinternet) which you apply at night, then use regular deodorant during the day.

The combination of the two has proved v effective for my hyperhydrosis.

mumsnit Mon 18-Jul-16 12:21:28

I don't think the Mitchum roll on is as effective as the stick or spray - well not for me anyway!

I've tried the Driclor and Sure ones that you put on overnight and they are both very effective although they irritate my skin so might be worth avoiding if you have sensitive pits like me grin

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Tue 19-Jul-16 13:34:24

This is the mutts nuts of deodorant I reckon. My pits have never been so dry. Recommended to a nurse friend and she adores it. She does long hard shifts and it's never let her down.

WhoisLucasHood Tue 19-Jul-16 13:36:48

Mitchum stick here too.

MadameCholetsDirtySecret Tue 19-Jul-16 13:40:56

I use Fenjal roll on. It might be a bit old fashioned but it is the best deodorant I have found after many many years of trying.

Itscurtainsforyou Tue 19-Jul-16 16:52:24

Triple dry

hugoagogo Tue 19-Jul-16 21:25:33

Triple dry for sure, you won't regret it.

ABCAlwaysBeCunting Tue 19-Jul-16 21:31:51

Perspirex. It's more expensive (7.99 in Boots), but you only put it on every couple of days and trust me, it works. Apply at night and wash off in the morning.

I don't know why everyone continues to recommend Mitchum - I tried it and it was useless. I always suffered from sweaty pits which ruined my clothes and made me massively self-conscious. Perspirex has been the best S&B discovery I have ever made.

CaitAgusMadra Tue 19-Jul-16 22:31:11

Thanks all. Will try one of the overnight products, my skin can be a bit sensitive but worth a try

ShatnersBassoon Tue 19-Jul-16 22:36:08

Those maximum protection ones in boxes are brilliant. I've had the Sure and Dove ones.

Camembertie Wed 20-Jul-16 06:53:57

I find Mitchum roll one rubbish, Mitchum stick ok but gives me really itchy puts, as do the Sure and Dove Maximum protection ones.

Mitchum clear gel currently keeping me dry, sweet and itch free

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Wed 20-Jul-16 06:59:53

Sure Maximum Protection is by far the best (better than mitchum)

BubsAndMoo Wed 20-Jul-16 07:03:18

I love Pitrok Crystal Roll-on. Really works for me, it's become one of my HG products, I buy 5 at a time and stash them so I never run out!

Thecazelets Wed 20-Jul-16 07:06:08

Perspirex. Never even have to think about sweaty pits, whatever the weather!

SnoopDoggyDogg Wed 20-Jul-16 07:18:14

I use Perspirex too and it does make my armpits sore/tingly sometimes so I put a bit of Germolene on (when the Perspirex is dry) to numb it so I can sleep.

dragonsarebest Wed 20-Jul-16 08:15:07

I use the Garnier mineral anti white mark roll on ones, they do the job for me and can often be found in pound shops. Used to use the Mitchum ones but they changed formulas a while back and I didn't find them as effective, plus the stick one started leaving white marks on everything.

HowToChooseAUserName Wed 20-Jul-16 10:43:20

No idea if this is true (must google later) but I read somewhere that anti-persperant (as distinct from deodorant) stops working/becomes less effective after a bit because your body get used to a particular make/brand.

So you should periodically interperse a different brand with your tried and tested favorite. No idea if this is correct or utter rubbish.

HowToChooseAUserName Wed 20-Jul-16 10:43:42

*intersperse although interperse is a good word.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 20-Jul-16 10:53:17

Mitchum is useless these days, completely different formula. I had stock piled the old stick one and found one at the back of the cupboard a while back- works a treat, the new one doesn't work at all and I'm not even particularly sweaty!

I get my deodorant from the States,i bring back about 20 at a time😁

Mrs9C Wed 20-Jul-16 11:00:28

Mitchum was useless for me. I find I have to change deo every couple of months as it stops working for me.

minipie Wed 20-Jul-16 11:11:04

Sure or Dove maximum protection work for me.

Don't like the idea of applying something every couple of days. Does that mean you can't wash your pits on the in between days?

Thecazelets Wed 20-Jul-16 11:59:12

No! Shower and go every day. Only need to put it on a couple of times a week.

minipie Wed 20-Jul-16 12:02:44

God what is it made of ?!!

SnoopDoggyDogg Wed 20-Jul-16 12:57:58

I think it's aluminium something and it blocks the sweat glands. It makes such a difference. I've used every anti perspirant there is and this is the only thing that works. I'd love to have Botox treatment but it's too expensive.

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