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Makeup & Hair Time with the kids?! New business venture!

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REBmue93 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:57:20

Ok... So I do not have children myself but when I look after my two God children I struggle to find the time to brush my teeth never mind have to get ready and makeup on (or even brush my hair for that matter) and for some people that wouldn't bother them, which I am jelous of as I wish I could that could me!!
So my two passions in life are working with children and doing makeup, so naturally I thought that the two together would not be a combination to even think of but then I thought these yummy mummy's need some girl time!
How about a makeup/hair salon with a crèche/nursery whilst you do get pampered. I've worked with children in a range of settings and I am no working for a children's charity to protect from abuse so I am very experienced with DBS checks and safeguarding certificates. It would be an upstairs-downstairs kinda thing and all the staff would be trained on both levels. Perfect for a date night; wedding, any special occasion really!
Obviously I am only at very early stages and the feedback you give may completely make me rethink but I am very grateful to any!

REBmue93 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:58:55

It's quite late... Please ignore my terrible grammar and punctuation!! X

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