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Best no vpl knickers?

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Nickname1980 Sun 17-Jul-16 13:12:39

I have tried some m&s ones, but they aren't perfect.

Anyone found an amazing pair? To go under leggings or a form-fitting dress?

JamieLannistersFuckButler Sun 17-Jul-16 23:19:41

I got some really really soft nylon-lycra lace shorts from one of the budget high street chains recently.

I have a fat bum and tum so "No VPL" knickers such as M&S sell are pointless - they roll up and down...these were high-waisted and low legged. Kind of like French knickers but a bit closer fitting because they're stretchy.

Liiinoo Sun 17-Jul-16 23:32:43

One size up Primark no trouser pants. Perfect.

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