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How much should I love my clothes?

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Badgoushk Sun 17-Jul-16 10:21:15

Hi, I've lost 3.5 stone in weight and have dropped from a size 'huge' to a 14. Now I fit into a lot of my old (and never worn before) clothes. I still have more to lose and expect to be a 10-12 when I'm done.

Sorting through my wardrobe to make way for my clothes from the loft. How much should I love an item to keep it? Giving anything unwanted to charity or selling some bits. A lot of my cardigans and jumpers were desperation buys (the only thing in the town that vaguely fitted!) so I don't love them. But my get rid of pile is getting quite high!!

How much do you love your clothes?

My style is quite smart so I can wear my casual clothes to work (after maternity leave). How many skirts/cardigans/jumpers/dresses/coats do people think are necessary to keep? I live in SE England. I don't wear trousers or jeans!



Floisme Sun 17-Jul-16 12:34:22

I think it depends on what you enjoy about clothes. What I love is having a lot of them, far more than I need. Does every item make my heart race? No - although there's nothing I dislike. But what I have instead is infinite variety and things that I can mix or dig up again years later.

A capsule wardrobe of beautiful, carefully chosen pieces would never work for me cos I get bored with my clothes easily, even with things I love and that I know still suit me. But some people prefer that and look great. So I think you just need to work out which gang you're in. Congratulations on the weight loss.

Badgoushk Sun 17-Jul-16 14:17:07

Thanks Floisme!

I think I'm in the 'capsule' category!! I'm certainly like that in other areas of my life (like choosing furniture or ornaments - I like to have things that I intend to keep forever). My style is quite vintage and I tend not to follow trends so a capsule wardrobe could work for me.

I do love buying new items of clothing though!! But I'd be happy to buy things on a one in one out basis.

My clothes fit in one small wardrobe (on wooden hangers so not all rammed together on plastic/wire ones) plus one big drawer for nice jumpers, 2 small drawers for scarves and gloves, 1 small drawer for underwear, 1 small drawer for vests and T shirts, 1 small drawer for long sleeved tops, 1 small drawer for pjs, 1 small drawer for tights and socks and 1 small drawer for sports/swimwear.

specialsubject Sun 17-Jul-16 15:22:43

If stuff doesn't fit , get rid. If you've done a lifestyle change rather than sugar shakes you will stay your new self, so lose the big clothes.

And well done!

Badgoushk Sun 17-Jul-16 15:49:47

Thanks specialsubject, yes definitely a lifestyle change! I'm getting rid of all the big stuff but there are some stretchy cardigans that I'm not in love with that would still fit. I'd like to ditch them all but it feels a bit radical/empowering!!

KickAssAngel Sun 17-Jul-16 16:08:51

imagine you're on what not to wear.
look at each thing - would a stranger say 'ooh that looks great'? or is it really practical (I have some hideous stuff I wear for gardening)/

otherwise - out it goes.

you won't wear it if you don't think it looks good. Would you pay a stranger 5 quid to follow you round saying 'your bum look big' or 'that reminds me of how fat you were'? Wearing badly fitting stuff that makes you feel that way is the same, really.

Al of this applies on the assumption that you can afford new clothes though. If you're strapped for cash keep it and start saving up!

LazyCake Sun 17-Jul-16 16:21:38

Would you pay a stranger 5 quid to follow you round saying 'your bum look big' or 'that reminds me of how fat you were'? Wearing badly fitting stuff that makes you feel that way is the same, really.

Brilliant advice, KickAssAngel. I'm going to keep that in mind.

blueshoes Sun 17-Jul-16 16:50:02

If you find yourself consistently skipping over a particular item of clothing in favour of something else, then it is time to bin <note to self too>

Badgoushk Sun 17-Jul-16 21:11:18

Ha! KickAssAngel Brilliant idea!

I can afford a few pieces but to be fair I have a lot of lovely things that now fit that never used to. And some 'thinspiration' pieces that I never got to wear before!

Badgoushk Sun 17-Jul-16 21:11:59

And I have got rid of anything with an elasticated waist!!!

KickAssAngel Sun 17-Jul-16 21:32:59

I started giving myself that advice after I nearly bought something just because it was cheap, only a fiver, but really did me no favors. I suddenly realized that I was about to pay out money to feel like crap, just because it was a bargain.

Some clothes don't deserve to be worn. They should be your friends, there for you whether you're in a sparkly going out mood (heels and lippy) or a night in with hot chocolate (pjs) but either way, you actually want to put them on.

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