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Instamum Sun 17-Jul-16 06:22:37

Has any one ever used I am inclined to think too cheap to be real. I am not looking for high quality, I am literally wondering if it will arrive and if people have used it before? The stuff is super fun and cheap, I know that size XL will be a size 10 etc etc

Otherwise, how do I find a China supplier of clothes or jewellery to sell on?

fruttidibosco Sun 17-Jul-16 06:38:17

Yes I've used it. Very cheap quality. I bought a couple of jumpers a couple of years ago. From what I can remember one was ok but the other was already coming apart. They were oversized supposedly but not on me!! I have a size 10/12 top half. The tops were one size fits all though. Might be better when the clothes come in a range of sizes. Delivery etc was fine though. Returning anything wouldn't have been worth it I don't think

UnderseaPineapple Sun 17-Jul-16 14:34:37

Don't do it. Sharon Farrell did a haul vid from there and most of it was very nasty.

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