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HOw to get hair like Fearne's?

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Shopper99 Sat 16-Jul-16 19:37:42

Just a nice wave, like this:

Shopper99 Sat 16-Jul-16 19:40:05

Oops pressed "post" too soon.

I don't want big curls, just a bit of a cool kink.

How?? I've got ghd's, a curling wand (thin at one end) and curling irons (with a clamp) but these all seem to give me big curls or bloody ringlets like a medieval weirdo so how do I achieve this nice wave/kink/bend look???

Shopper99 Sat 16-Jul-16 19:41:38 hers another pic

PointlessUsername Sat 16-Jul-16 19:44:37

Try with the ghd's starting half way down your hair. There are a fee vids on YouTube showing you how to get a small wave with Flat irons.

BearFoxBear Sat 16-Jul-16 19:45:39

My hair is like that, I just stick it up in a hair band at night, every night, and it has a lovely soft wave in the morning. Don't use a normal bobble, it will be too hard and makes more of a sharp kink if you know what I mean. Hair bands are better for soft waves, but I've even been known to use a pair of soft lace knickers grin

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