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Another wedding guest one I'm afraid! Dress with sleeves?

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thumbinapie Fri 15-Jul-16 16:19:28

I'm off to a posh wedding soon. I've just been dumped so I'm going alone and feeling a bit vulnerable so naturally want to look my best!

I'm 5ft2 so anything too long drowns me, have quite wide hips, and chubby arms. Decent boobs though. Size 10/12

Has anyone seen a dress that might suit me? I'd really like one with sleeves because having my arms on show makes me feel really unattractive.

Thank you smile

thumbinapie Fri 15-Jul-16 16:19:58

oh and budget around £100

Nogravyforyou Fri 15-Jul-16 16:22:19

Hi OP,
Full length, half or 3/4 length sleeves?

Nogravyforyou Fri 15-Jul-16 16:23:52

This is beautiful and half price at the moment!

Clockworklemon Fri 15-Jul-16 16:54:07

A wrap dress with sleeves? Accentuates your bust and hides your hips?,mon_1.2/9520971010

Or something like this?,default,pd.html,default,pd.html

Clockworklemon Fri 15-Jul-16 16:55:17

Sorry this was the third link I meant to send

thumbinapie Sun 17-Jul-16 20:01:01

Thanks everyone. Some really nice dresses but I don't think any of them are 'the one'. I'm not sure what I'm looking for really but if anyone has any more suggestions I'd be really grateful.

thumbinapie Sun 17-Jul-16 20:01:50

Thanks everyone. Some really lovely dresses but I don't think any of them are 'the one'. If anyone has any more ideas I'd be really grateful!

thumbinapie Sun 17-Jul-16 20:02:12

sorry didn't mean to post twice

thumbinapie Sun 17-Jul-16 20:23:31

I love this but its way to long for me - anything similar around?

user7755 Sun 17-Jul-16 20:25:33

I have just found this website and can't wait till I have a wedding to go to next year so that I can wear one of their dresses. I know this isn't what you were asking for but they have a really good range, I bet you can find something in there

LoadsaBlusher Sun 17-Jul-16 23:06:58

I was looking at a website today called The pretty dress company which had some lovely occasion dresses on it.
Chi Chi London is worth a look too
I am also looking for a dress for a wedding in two weeks time .
It's so hard to get something that feels perfect .

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