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Wedding guest makeup help!

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FedUpWithBriiiiiick Fri 15-Jul-16 13:31:35

Hi all

Need a bit of a steer on makeup for a wedding next week. I'm wearing this dress with a pale pink petticoat underneath and silver glitter court shoes. No jewellery, other than my wedding ring and watch!

I have pixie cut, bleached hair (which I might do pale pink for wedding).

I'm thinking of silver eyeshadow, with cats eye black eyeliner and pale pink lips and nails. Any thoughts? Too much for wedding? Too costumey?

Daffodil90 Fri 15-Jul-16 13:32:59

I think it sounds lovely and very well put together. I'd do it smile

goiaba Fri 15-Jul-16 21:57:34

What colour are your eyes? Blue?

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Fri 15-Jul-16 22:16:35

Thanks Daffodil

Yes, eyes are blue :-)

goiaba Sat 16-Jul-16 00:04:31

Brown eyeshadow enhance blue eyes, so that might be a good suggestion for your make up look. Silver eyeshadow is quite cool though.

ZacharyQuack Sat 16-Jul-16 00:31:46

Maybe try a bright pink lipstick instead of pale pink? The rest of the outfit is quite pale, so a bright lippie might be a nice contrast.

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sat 16-Jul-16 06:46:01

Do you think so Zachary? I would love a brighter lippy but was worried it would look brash.

Thanks for the tip goiaba! I will pick up some brown eyeshadow too.

I'm not very good at makeup blush Although I do good eye liner smile

ZacharyQuack Sat 16-Jul-16 13:46:53

Try something like Revlon's chubby lip crayon in Lovesick. It's one of my favourite lippies, a lovely bright pink but very wearable and easy to apply.

Here it is on Emma Stone.

emsyj Sat 16-Jul-16 13:52:52

Be careful not to put silvery eyeshadow higher than your socket line or it will flash white in photos and make you look very dated - remember when everyone used to wear heavy highlighter on the browbone??? I tend to think neutral colours are better if you arent very good at makeup. If you do great cats eye liner then some false lashes and a neutral flesh tone eyeshadow with a slightly deeper colour on the socket line then a bright lip as suggested will look lovely and put together. I wouldnt bother with the silver myself but it's your face, so wear what feels comfortable for you.

DameXanaduBramble Sat 16-Jul-16 13:58:48

Milky coral lip gloss, peachy blusher, like Nars orgasm, a touch of gold shadow on lids, metallic brown liner, tight lined at the top, smudged against lower lashes, would look so pretty with this outfit and your hair.

mortil2 Sat 16-Jul-16 13:59:22

What a beautiful dress! And I think the lipstick Zachary suggested would look lovely running of to buy one for myself

DameXanaduBramble Sat 16-Jul-16 13:59:50

Lancôme do a fantastic lipstick in the love range, it's number 52 I think. Light coral, so pretty.

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sat 16-Jul-16 14:09:40

Thank you all so much for the tips - especially on eyes! I'm loving Emma Stone's look, so I'm veering away from the silver to a very neutral eyeshadow and a brighter lip.

Very excited now!

ElspethFlashman Sat 16-Jul-16 14:23:52

Yeah I'd agree about the silver eyeshadow. Won't look so hot flashing back in those 1am Facebook pics. I'd do a very chic cut crease in neutral taupe. A cut crease always looks fab with a cat eye.

If you're liking the more saturated pink, check out sheer formulations too. Rimmel have brand new sheers out, and No 17 have their Mirror Shines which are in pretty funky colours but are sheer enough to not be BAM! in your face. There's a hot pink called Bolshie (I think) which I have.

Though with bleached hair you could probably carry off the really strong colours too.

I think you're going to look fab.

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sat 16-Jul-16 17:29:26

Thank you so much. I feel super confident now!

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